The Best Business Schools of 2012 - The Ranking of MBA Rankings


Published: 3Dec2012

MBA rankings are an integral part of the business school world, and like them or loathe them, the chances are you’ll take a look at them. Staff, students and alumni will be assessing the impact of their school’s standing in the global market, while potential applicants may over rely on these league tables to determine their shortlist of target schools.

… For Peter Todd, dean at McGill University’s Desautels, the school’s decision to participate in all the major rankings gives applicants a broader international perspective across an aggregate of results. “For us this is not a game where we are asking ourselves where we will do best. There is some diagnostic value for ourselves, but we also ensure that we don’t fixate on what any one particular ranking is asking for. We do what we think is right, and focus on giving the students the best learning experience – the rankings will then take care of themselves.”

Read full article: Forbes, November 29, 2012

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