CI Webinar Series: Dan Purtell, Group Director of Innovation at the British Standards Institution


Dan Purtell

Technology-enabled disruption and trust in the pandemic era: Building resilience and enhancing transparency in domestic and international innovation supply chain and market ecosystems

Dan Purtell

Group Director of Innovation at the British Standards Institution

Dan Purtell is the Group Director of Innovation at the British Standards Institution. He is responsible for the development of the organization’s global Innovation strategy and digital transformation. He leads a global team responsible for the creation and deployment of disruptive technologies and services across all business units. He formerly served as Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions group where he consulted with Fortune 500 firms designing resilient and secure global supply chain operations. He was CEO and founder of Quantitative Risk Solutions, a supply chain predictive modelling and intelligence-based consultancy firm acquired by BSI in 2009. Prior to founding his company, he was the Global Supply Chain Security Manager at Intel Corporation. He holds a patent for the development of a supply chain risk and compliance algorithm which analyzes terrorism and sup-ply chain disruption exposures for international suppliers. Mr. Purtell received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, an MBA from Arizona State University and holds an ACE certification for Strategy and Innovation from MIT.


Rich with obvious challenges, 2020 brought an unprecedented opportunity to Innovate and massively disrupt how business is conducted. Companies were forced to leap in the digital transformation pool or risk significant business disruption or complete failure. Adding to the pandemic’s obstacles, criminal enterprises are taking advantage of an already fragile supply chain making false certification claims and introducing fake PPE, medicines and even vaccines to vulnerable countries. These false claims and illicit trade add to the growing Trust deficit felt by consumers, business and governments. This discussion focuses on the use of the full range of disruptive technologies to build a digital trust ecosystem and how they can be used for and between companies, product lines and personal credentials. Dan will discuss the practical application of complex technologies and how everyday business and governments are putting technology to work that address trust issues, increase resilience and sustainability. Within the audit and certification industry, we will explore how Immersive technology and smart wearables changed the verification landscape and is providing greater transparency of global supply chain operations and outsourced supplier base. Blockchain as a means of verification and connection to digital ecosystems for a $1.3 trillion import compliance a will be reviewed and how this association combats false claims using Blockchain technology. Finally, he will demonstrate how convergence of disruptive technologies and growing technological interdependences provides stronger industry solutions that address trust and resiliency gaps.

Chair: Laurette Dubé (Scientific Director of MCCHE)
Co-Chair & Moderator: John G. Keogh (Managing Principal, Shantalla Inc. Toronto )
Special Panel: Going beyond what has been possible thus far in nutrition for all through human-centred and digital-powered convergence economy approach: pulses and produces as entry point.

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