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Uncovering the costs and benefits of sports gambling

Published: 7Aug2018

In a piece for The Wall Street Journal, Professor Reuven Brenner makes the case for legalized sports gambling – an activity that has only recently been legalized in the US through a Supreme Court...

Professor Brenner on anti-Semitism

Published: 11May2018

In an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal, Desautels Professor Reuven Brenner traces the early manifestations of anti-Semitism into the present, suggesting that the constant in all of this is...

Professor Brenner on how Asian countries can overcome democratic deficits

Published: 5Mar2018

In a piece for Asia Times, Professor Reuven Brenner points to history and other geographic contexts to demonstrate how Asian countries, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, can redress democratic...

Professor Brenner invited to prestigious panel

Published: 12Feb2018

Professor Reuven Brenner was invited to present on a panel that discussed venture capital in Quebec’s biotech and life sciences industry. The high-profile event was attended by Quebec Ministers Mr....

The education reformation

Published: 20Nov2017

In a piece for American Affairs, Professor Reuven Brenner takes a pulse of contemporary U.S. education and outlines some of the key challenges in this area, including skewed high school graduation...

Technological advancement means the rethinking of language

Published: 14Nov2017

As society continues to embrace technological advancement, we tend to overlook how the words that our ancestors used have lost their meaning. In an article for Asia Times, Desautels professor...

Is bitcoin the new gold?

Published: 7Nov2017

Bitcoin has been the target of much speculation among financial circles with some experts alleging that it has the potential to become comparable to gold, a currency legitimized through social...

Inflation or recession? The US Fed tries to untangle a financial mystery

Published: 11Jul2017

A Weekly Standard op-ed examines the way the Fed is trying to tame a $4-trillion quantitative easing problem in case another recession hits....


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