Patricia Hewlin

Professor Hewlin on closing the leadership gender gap

Published: 21May2019

In a byline for Getting Smart, Professor Patricia Hewlin explores the tangible impact that universities can make when it comes to increasing the representation of women and minorities in leadership...

The power of being authentic at work

Published: 12Apr2019

In a recent WorkLife podcast by Adam Grant, he delves into the power of authenticity in the workplace as a means for happier, more productive workers. Along the way, he grounds his discussion in...

Professor Hewlin joins leadership conference

Published: 7Feb2019

Professor Patricia Hewlin has been invited to share her research on authenticity in the workplace at the upcoming Empathetic Leadership conference organized by WXN in Montreal.

A little authenticity goes a long way

Published: 12Feb2019

Watch as Professor Patricia Hewlin explores the dimensions of authenticity in life and work with McGill’s New York alumnae chapter on February 9, 2019....

How companies can thrive when employees feel a calling

Published: 16Jan2019

Businesses with sights set on boosting their performance may want to take a closer look at the people they are hiring. According to research co-authored by Professor Patricia Hewlin, employees with...

How do callings relate to job performance? The role of organizational commitment and ideological contract fulfillment

Published: 29Mar2018

Authors: Sung Soo Kim, Donghoon Shin, Heather C Vough, Patricia Faison Hewlin and Christian Vandenberghe Publication: Human Relations, Vol. 71, Issue 10, February 2018 Abstract:

A top paper nomination for Professor Hewlin

Published: 28Sep2018

Professor Patricia Hewlin’s co-authored article entitled, “How do callings relate to job performance? The role of organizational commitment and ideological contract fulfillment,” was nominated by...

Do strong leaders provoke employees to mask their own values?

23 Jul 2018

Desautels professors are behind some of the most unique research projects in the world Patricia Hewlin, Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour

Tenure time

Published: 26May2016

Tenure is granted to professors and librarians in recognition of excellent performance – and is the University’s strongest guarantee of academic freedom in research, teaching, and service. The year...