Henry Mintzberg

EMBA prepares today’s leaders for tomorrow’s opportunities

Published: 4Oct2021

Based on Professor Henry Mintzberg’s multidisciplinary theories of management, the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program has mastered the art and science of empowering business professionals to lead...

Establishing a global support network for education leaders

Published: 9Sep2021

In his 2019 book, “Bedtime Stories for Managers,” Professor Henry Mintzberg pointed out a lack of opportunity for managers to come together and discuss progress, growth, and the unique challenges...

First-ever Henry Mintzberg PhD Teaching and Mentorship Award goes to Professor Alain Pinsonneault

Published: 15Oct2019

Professor Alain Pinsonneault recently received the inaugural Henry Mintzberg PhD Teaching and Mentorship Award in recognition of his high-quality teaching and commitment to student progress. He was...

There's no such thing as a strategic plan

Published: 28Aug2014

'Strategic' and 'Plan' are two different concepts. A strategy iswhat we need to do to get from A to B (and deciding on what point B actually is). The plan is more specific and tells ushow we will...

Can COVID-19 travel through polluted air?

Published: 10Sep2020

In March, a team of scientists reported that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted through polluted air particles. Looking at the pandemic through this lens, Professor Henry Mintzberg proposes a...

Lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis

Published: 28Aug2020

An opinion piece outlining lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis explores Professor Henry Mintzberg's argument for communityship—the idea that instead of managing companies top-down,...

Reflecting on strategy and healthcare in a pandemic with Susan and Henry Mintzberg

Published: 23Jun2020

In a McGill Alumni webcast, Professor Karl Moore is joined by Professor Henry Mintzberg and his daughter Susan Mintzberg, a PhD candidate at McGill who studies the role of family caregivers in...

Reflecting on strategy and healthcare in a pandemic with Henry Mintzberg


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that business as usual is no longer an option in many sectors. What can we learn from how business, government and community leaders are responding to...

Professor Henry Mintzberg on lessons learned during the pandemic

Published: 12Jun2020

Professor Henry Mintzberg sits down with Le Devoir to discuss lessons learnt during the pandemic, from the surprising intimacy of remote work to the three pillars of a prosperous democracy. Read more


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