Patricia Hewlin

Inauthenticity in the workplace can harm diversity and inclusion

Published: 31Oct2022

Leaders are often faced with being their authentic self or doing what it takes to succeed. Decisions taken by senior management in the face of this authenticity dilemma can set a negative example...

Professor Hewlin and colleagues awarded over $2m in SSHRC funding

Published: 4Jun2020

Congratulations to Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin and her colleagues across 25 academic institutions who have been awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)...

Interpersonal skills are key to managing staff during times of crisis

Published: 24Aug2022

Even the darkest cloud has a silver lining – but there is a time and a place to mention it. When employees are struggling through a crisis, putting a positive spin on the situation can make them...

To get inclusion right, companies need to ask what they’re doing wrong

Published: 7Apr2022

Inclusion isn't a warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging. Inclusion means being an integral part of an organization, and having the resources to get the job done, said Associate Professor of...

Delve: Why Organizations Need Authentic People and Inclusive Policies, with Patricia Hewlin

Published: 7Apr2022

The complex issue of authenticity at work isn’t only about people within an organization—it’s connected to the organization’s own integrity, including policies on equity, diversity, and inclusion....

Authenticity and allyship in the business world

Published: 17Mar2022

Black leaders carry extra burden. Organizations often expect them to take on advocacy roles in equity, diversity and inclusion, but that should be everyone’s responsibility, argued panelists at the...

How to tackle EDI issues in any setting

Published: 21Feb2022

Many organizations say that equity, diversity and inclusion is a priority, but in order to actually achieve equitable outcomes, organizations need to make a real commitment. As part of the MBA...

“Sorry” limits success for women in the workplace

Published: 14Oct2021

Excessive apologizing at work may hinder a woman’s ability to succeed professionally, according to Professor Patricia Hewlin. The habit of saying sorry, even when an apology is unwarranted, stems...

Building belonging on Broadway

Published: 23Sep2021

Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin and her husband, CEO of The Hewlin Group, Jay Hewlin, are working to carve out diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces for success on Broadway. As they partner...


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