Here are some resources that will help Ph.D. students navigate their journey and optimize their educational and personal experiences at McGill Desautels.

MBA Japan

Hosted in Tokyo, Japan, McGill's MBA Japan Program incorporated a unique and innovative format that addresses global business needs. Stay-tuned to future developments of McGill’s executive offering...

Areas of specialization

Research and teaching at the Faculty are divided into the following areas of specialization:...


At the Desautels Faculty of Management, we require research excellence from our professors and doctoral students. We embrace diversity in thinking and welcome creative approaches to tackling...

MBA Alumni network

Numbering 8,000 members located across the world, our MBA alumni network operates in virtually every industry. They offer recent graduates informal mentoring as well as vital contacts internationally.

McGill MBA Full-Time Employment Statistics 2023

Supported by dedicated coaches and industry experts, you will gain access to essential tools, networks and resources that will help you develop career planning skills to attain your professional...

McGill MBA Full-Time Scholarships and awards

MBA students at the Desautels Faculty of Management have access to a wide variety of funding options, including merit-based scholarships and awards.  All students are automatically considered for...

McGill MBA Full-Time tuition and financial aid

Financial aid is made available through a large number of substantial MBA-specific scholarships and awards.


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