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Application process

The PhD in Management Program offers only Fall (September) admission of the same calendar year in which admission is sought. The deadline of January 15 is for all applicants (Canadian and international). Very important: Do not apply to start the program in winter or summer - applications for winter or summer will be cancelled and the application fee will NOT be refunded.

Application tracking

Students may track the status of the application by going to the Minerva website. From this site you may view which documents the PhD Program Office has received, which documents remain outstanding, when the PhD Program Committee has recommended admission to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office (GPSO) and when a final decision has been made by GPSO. In addition, you can update your address on this site so that the University always has your current coordinates.

Living expenses

Estimated Annual Living Expenses (for a single student studying full time)

This budget is a general estimate of the living expenses that a single student in a full-time program of study would be expected to incur for each 12-month period, in Montreal.

Class Profile

Class Profile (as of September 2013)

Total number of PhD students (McGill University – Desautels PhD Program in Management): 66

Area of Specialization:

  • Accounting: 4
  • Finance: 9
  • Information Systems: 12
  • Marketing: 6
  • Operations Management: 9
  • Organizational Behaviour: 5
  • Strategy & Organization: 15
  • CREATE: 6


  • Women: 20
  • Men: 46

Geographic Origins:

CREATE Program

NSERC CREATE program (Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program) in Healthcare Operations and Information Management (HOIM) – Focus on the Health Sector

A team of eight senior researchers from McGill, British Columbia, Ottawa, Queens, Toronto and Montreal Universities launched a collaborative program to train PhD students in healthcare operations and information management.

Art and Leadership

Nancy J. Adler

Professor Nancy J. Adler is a pioneer in the increasingly important integration of art and design with business and societal leadership. She has brought artistic approaches into her work with managers and executives worldwide for more than a decade.

Marcel Desautels

Businessman and Philanthropist Marcel DesautelsMarcel Desautels' landmark $22-million gift launched a golden age in business education at McGill.

Meet Dean Peter Todd

Dean Peter ToddThe Desautels Faculty of Management has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past several years. With the unprecedented support of friends and alumni from around the world, and two very generous gifts from Dr. Marcel Desautels, we have been able to hire additional professors, reinvent our curriculum and renovate our facilities.

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Research at Desautels Faculty of Management

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