Matissa Hollister

Delve: A Call for Social Reinvention (While Keeping our Distance)

Published: 23 March 2020

Social distancing is on everyone’s lips and is well on its way to becoming the phrase of the year. The practices recommended under the social distancing banner offer our best chance to slow the...

Understanding how AI can help combat COVID-19

Published: 9 April 2020

Professor Matissa Hollister, McGill University Fellow at the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, sits down with TVO to share how high-tech firms are using AI to...

The risk of bias in AI technologies

Published: 27 January 2020

With AI technologies now able to perform HR duties, they are gaining the capacity to analyze candidate backgrounds and behaviour to determine their efficiency. A risk of this, Professor Matissa...

Delve: Disruption in the Workplace Podcast

Published: 7 October 2019

Yann LeCun, Director of AI at Facebook and 2018 Turing Award recipient, and Desautels Professor of Organizational Behaviour Matissa Hollister answer the burning question: Is AI coming for your job?

Challenges of today’s labour pool

Published: 6 December 2018

The prevailing belief among employers is that it’s becoming more difficult to find and retain the top talent, especially among younger generations....

Matissa Hollister awarded 2018 SSHRC Insight Grant

Published: 23 July 2018

Congratulations to Matissa Hollister, Assistant Professor in Organizational Behaviour, awarded the 2018 SSHRC Insight Grant “Should I Stay or Should I Go – the Consequences of Job Mobility on...

Desautels Professor presents at a major workplace-inequality conference

Published: 15 June 2017

Over 30 academics from North America and Europe recently gathered at the Society and Organizations Center (SnO) in Paris for the first edition of the HEC Paris Inequality Research Conference....

Think that job tenure is evaporating? Not so fast

Published: 5 May 2017

Experts keep saying that median job tenure has been in free fall for years; that switching careers and jobs is just the new reality. But the facts don’t necessarily support that position. It’s a...

Jobs and youth: is the degree still the best start?

Published: 28 March 2017

On a recent Breakfast Television youth employment panel, Desautels Assistant Professor Matissa Hollister said that, though it’s not necessarily an employment guarantee, “on average, it’s very clear...


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