International Masters for Health Leadership prepares health care workers for leadership in clinical environment

Published: 20 October 2023

From drug delivery to patient treatment, the healthcare sector contributes significantly to economic activity, but there are unique dynamics to managing people in a clinical setting. “Just as we...

ILA Healthcare Leadership Conference

Monday, May 2, 2022 17:00to18:00

Interested in learning about innovative practices in the field of healthcare and leadership? On May 2, join Dr./desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

Prognosis: The future is bright for the next generation of healthcare leaders

Published: 15 July 2021

New McGill program champions real world training to address leadership and management skills gap among healthcare professionals

IMPM Online Information Session: March 5, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018 12:00to13:00

An International Master's Program that creates Impact. /desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

IMPM Online Information Session: April 3, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 18:00to19:00

An International Master's Program that creates Impact. /desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

A Management Approach to Healthcare

Published: 2 August 2013

The demands in today’s healthcare environment require those clinically prepared to have managerial and leadership skills that are not learned in traditional training. The delivery of healthcare...

Low-cost water purifier wins Canadian $100,000 grant

Published: 4 June 2013

In developing countries, particularly in rural villages and urban slums, people can hardly afford water-purification systems. The consequences are fatal, with infectious diarrhoea causing around 2...

IMHL Collaborators Win Grand Challenges Canada Grant

Published: 3 May 2013

Students in McGill University’s International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) program -- Drs. Padma Venkat, Caroline Kisia and Ahmad Firas Khalid -- are pleased to announce that a low-cost...

Trois programmes dans l'air du temps

Published: 19 November 2015

Des milliers d'étudiants de partout dans le monde suivent gratuitement le cours en ligne Social Learning for Social Impact, travaillent en équipe et apprennent à réaliser des initiatives sociales...


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