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2015 Hot Cities of the World Tour Information Session


2015 Hot Cities of the World Tour Information Session This year's Hot Cities of the World Tour will be going to Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bali.

Cool courses: Full credit for variety

Published: 28Aug2014

What do monster monsoons and costume design have in common? No, it’s not the eye of the storm and the eye of the needle (but good guess).

McGill 'Hot Cities' Business/Field Trip Expands Horizons

Published: 3Mar2014

A McGill management professor is leading students on a business field trip that will give them global experience.Called the ‘Hot Cities’ tour, professor Karl Moore is taking students to emerging...

Hot Cities Report: Russia Is Many Things, But Boring Isn't One of Them

Published: 26Apr2013

Ten months ago, I volunteered to help organize Desautels’ fifth annual Hot Cities of the World trip. I enjoy the challenge of detailed logistics; in my pre-MBA life, I booked national concert tours...

Russian Business Part of a Post-Modern Future

Published: 26Mar2013

Karl Moore blames his generation for a lot of things - including bad architecture. ...

Russia Complicated, Independent

Published: 26Mar2013

It might seem crazy to visit Russia in the middle of winter, yet the goal of the recent McGill University Hot Cities Tour was to see the "real" Russia, even if it meant getting lost in Moscow at...

Opinion: Russia's Underachieving Economy

Published: 12Apr2013

Russia has been widely promoted as one of the BRICS nations, full of energy and dynamism like many leading emerging economies. Indeed, with its low unemployment figures, growing GDP, and recent WTO...

Russian Business Tips

Published: 26Mar2013

McGill professor Karl Moore recently travelled to Russia with his students to help develop their business knowledge as a part of their class. Watch full interview: Global News, March 26, 201

Helping Vulnerable Children in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Published: 4Apr2013

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg with Professor Karl Moore and 42 other McGill students as part of the Hot Cities of the World Tour. Each year, the tour aims to...