Delve: How Barriers to Foreign Investments Affect Risk-Taking in International Markets, with Francesca Carrieri

Published: 14 October 2022

What regulations are at play when financial institutions, hedge funds, mutual fund managers, and others invest in stocks and businesses in another country—and who do those regulations ultimately...

Still an uphill battle for women in finance

Published: 26 March 2019

Following the release of the American Economic Association’s survey results revealing the predominance of discrimination against women in the world of finance, Professor Francesca Carrieri affirms...

Looking closer at Italy’s economy

Published: 7 November 2018

With the release of Italy’s new budget law, Professor Francesca Carrieri explores the current state of the country’s economy, emphasizing that any economic growth must come with structural reform...

Still room for improvement for empowering women in finance

Published: 8 March 2018

Professor Francesca Carrieri sits down with La Presse to talk about the hurdles that women in finance still face and the initiatives in place at the Desautels Faculty of Management to improve this...

Can Cross-Border Funding Frictions Explain Financial Integration Reversals?

Published: 23 March 2022

Authors: A. Akbari, Francesca Carrieri and A. Malkhozov Publication: The Review of Financial Studies, Volume 35, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 394–437 Abstract:


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