Elena Obukhova

Corporate gender dynamics are an important factor in women’s job-seekers decision-making

Published: 3Feb2023

Male-dominated startups have more difficulty hiring female talent, and their company’s gender dynamics play a role. An article in Forbes.com cites research from Desautels Prof. Elena Obukhova,...

Layoffs can burden employees that remain, contribute to resignations 

Published: 25Jan2023

Beneath the spectre of a looming recession, Microsoft announced that it would lay off 12,000 people in January 2023. Just a few days later, Amazon announced it would lay off more than 18,000. These...

Laidley Centre for Business Ethics

Thanks to alumnus David Laidley (BCom’67), the Desautels Faculty of Management has unveiled the Laidley Centre for Business Ethics. The centre is McGill University’s central hub supporting ethical...

China widens gender and sexuality gap in media

Published: 1Dec2021

Earlier this fall, the Chinese government banned coverage of feminine-presenting men from TV shows and other broadcasted programming. The news provokes new fears and questions surrounding gender,...

Women network harder for same outcomes

Published: 12Jan2021

Most job seekers rely on networking to land the next position, but women candidates take extra steps to identify workplaces that are inclusive and supportive. In tandem with a professor from...

Scouting and Schmoozing: A Gender Difference in Networking During Job Search

Published: 9Feb2021

Authors: Elena Obukhova and A.M. KleinbaumPublication: Academy of Management Discoveries, ForthcomingAbstract:

Elena Obukhova awarded 2018 SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Published: 23Apr2019

Congratulations to Elena Obukhova, Assistant Professor in Strategy & Organization awarded 2018 SSHRC Insight Development Grant “Gender and job information sharing through social contacts: A...

Fortnite shuts down servers in China

Published: 1Dec2021

On November 15, the popular multi-player computer game, Fortnite, indefinitely closed its Chinese servers. In pulling out of China, Fortnite creator Epic Games follows the lead of Microsoft, which...

Market Transition and Network-Based Job Matching in China: The Referrer Perspective

Published: 3Sep2020

Authors: Elena Obukhova, Brian Rubineau Publication: Industrial Labor Relations Review (ILR Review), July 28, 2020 Abstract:


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