Tenure time

Published: 26May2016

Tenure is granted to professors and librarians in recognition of excellent performance – and is the University’s strongest guarantee of academic freedom in research, teaching, and service. The year...

Freedom of expression makes for happier workplaces

Published: 15Dec2017

According to new research conducted by Desautels Professor Patricia Hewlin, employees who conform to workplace values that they do not necessarily believe in are more likely to be less engaged at...

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop: Designing your career, your enterprise, and your impact

Published: 19Nov2015

On November 13, 2015, the Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management (MDIIM) and the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship co-sponsored a half-day workshop on social entrepreneurship....

Divisive faultlines and the unplanned dissolutions of multipartner alliances.

Published: 19Sep2014

Authors: Heidl, Ralph, Steensma, H. Kevin & Phelps, Corey.  Publication: Organization Science, 25 (5) (September-October, 2014): 1351-1371 Abstract:

How technology affects our search for love

Published: 16Feb2015

Love in the digital era has changed many aspects of romance in our times. Richard Dagenais chats with Jui Ramaprasad, Assistant Professor at the Information Systems, Desautels Faculty of Management...

PhD Candidate Mahmood Zargar Wins Best Student Paper Award at OCIS

Published: 4Sep2015

PhD student Mahmood Zargar has won the best student paper award from the Organizational Communication & Information Systems division of the Academy of Management for his paper: “Interplay...

A call for better problem-solvers

Published: 13Jun2018

In virtually any career path chosen, problem-solving skills are indispensable. Yet, these skills are often not formally taught in most business school curricula or in the workplace....

Insights from Dobson Cup judge Debra Margles

Published: 13Jun2018

With over three decades of experience working in the fashion industry, Debra Margles, President of Michael Kors Canada and McGill Dobson Cup judge, shares some words of wisdom about company growth,...