Geostrategic Location and the Economic Center of Gravity of the World

Published: 1May2015

Usman W. Chohan has an MBA from McGill University in Global Strategy and Leadership (2014). He has served as a consultant at the World Bank Institute (WBI) and as Special Situations Analyst in the...

De commis à président de la SAQ

Published: 29Apr2015

Le regard d'Alain Brunet s'illumine lorsqu'il parle de vin et de commerce de détail. L'homme se passionne pour ces sujets depuis qu'il a décroché son premier emploi à la SAQ, il y a 34 ans....

Bringing a world of expertise to would-be exporters

Published: 29Apr2015

Omar Allam was just 32 years old and already he’d climbed a significant portion of the steep government bureaucracy ladder at the Foreign Affairs Department.

Being busy: Blights and beatitudes

Published: 29Apr2015

Focus means concentrated attention. It refers to conscious and intentional actions by a person to achieve a particular objective. One needs discipline to overcome tendencies to deviate. It is...