Meet McGill

Thanks so much to our Desautels students and employers for participating in our third annual Canada Meet McGill virtual event on November 17 & 18, 2022! In this remote world where meeting and connecting is more important than ever, we appreciate the time and energy you’ve put in to make this event a success. 

With 50+ organizations represented from across the country, over two days…

  • 51% of these organizations advertised roles outside of Quebec (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto)
  • 150+ employer-hosted group video calls (average 10 students per session)
  • 400 student participants

Virtual Event Format

Depending on the employer’s main purpose for participation, they were invited to select either RECRUITMENT or CAREER DISCOVERY/BRANDING to engage with our students. In our efforts to continue the momentum of hosting engaging, curated events that enable candid conversations, we encouraged small groups (low ratio of representative to students) for these virtual chats that have proven to be successful.

If you’re a current Desautels student, or an Employer looking to get involved for our November 2023 event, stay tuned for more information!

Check out our past event recaps for what you can expect, and how you can connect with McGill business talent no matter where you are.

2020 Canada, Meet McGill


For more information about these events, please contact careerevents.mgmt [at] (subject: Meet%20McGill%20Inquiry) (our Events team).

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