Desautels Faculty of Management and its students

Located in the heart of multicultural Montreal, McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management is widely recognized as Canada's leading international business school, boasting a worldwide reputation that attracts top candidates from every continent. A pioneer in business education, the Desautels Faculty of Management continues to innovate, tailoring its academic programs to strategic needs of today's businesses and employers.

At the Desautels Faculty of Management, students are subject to stringent entrance requirements at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and follow a rigorous academic curriculum throughout their course of study. Our graduates are highly sought after by employers of all sizes operating in a variety of different fields. Combining academic competence and a global perspective with adaptability and excellent communication skills, Desautels Faculty of Management graduates are well prepared to be accomplished team players as well as capable leaders.

About our students

Desautels Faculty of Management students begin defining their career objectives and honing their business skills as soon as they are accepted into an academic program. As members of one of the most active student bodies in the country, our students are also encouraged to obtain the best possible business experience through participation in a wide range of academic, extra-curricular and business-related activities. Participation in these activities has proven instrumental in rounding out the academic experience and preparing our students for careers with top firms throughout Canada and the world.

BCom Students

Our BCom students are high caliber individuals with well diversified backgrounds and career interests.  Typically, over one-half of the student body comes from out-of-province, the United States or overseas to study at McGill. More than half are bilingual.

There are approximately 500-550 graduates per year who can choose from many areas of study, including:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology

More information on the BCom Program.

To find out more about BCom students, you can also visit the Management Undergraduate Society or visit the BCom Student Clubs website.

MBA students

The MBA Program has recently undergone a complete reinvent which provides a truly integrated, issue-based approach to management education. Within the basic academic framework, students find diverse opportunities to explore management subjects of personal interest and apply their learning to real life business situations.  They are given the opportunity to develop their unique profiles as the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our MBA student body is reputed to be the most international of all North American business schools.  Each year, more than twenty countries are represented by students in our classrooms and, on average, almost half speak three or more languages. Students come from a cross section of universities - from Canada, the United States and internationally, - and possess undergraduate degrees in Arts, Engineering, Commerce and Law. Most often pursuing careers in Consulting, Finance or Marketing, the typical MBA graduate has three or more years of practical business experience prior to joining the program.

More information on the MBA Program

To find out more about MBA students, you can also visit the MBA Student Clubs website.