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Preparation and workshops

Are you ready?

Successful career preparation begins as early as your first year as a BCom student. Start developing your networking skills and meeting new people through clubs, associations, volunteer work and you will no doubt uncover many great jobs.

During each semester, Career Services offers a number of services to help students discover, prepare for and connect with the job market. Various workshops are offered such as Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Networking, Interviewing skills and more. In addition, Career Services hosts company information sessions for students to get to know a company in greater depth as well as mock interview sessions by industry professionals.

Through this preparation, students are given the tools to research target companies, understand the industries, learn how to ace an interview and connect with the business community.

U1: Discover U2: Prepare U3: Connect
As a student, you will discover opportunities, validate your interests and values, find you passion and align your choices based on who you are. During your studies, engage and participate in all the different activities, competitions, clubs and workshops, and prepare your career. Your involvement will connect you with guest speakers, contacts and alumni, all of whom may be prospective employers.

The key to long-term success and happiness is based upon identifying career options that best utilize your natural talents and that fit with who you are. Why not start on the right foot and gain knowledge of the concepts, understanding and tools required to make one of the most important decisions of your life?

Onboarding: The First Step of your Journey

As a U0/U1 student the first step of your career preparation is to complete the onboarding process. This mandatory process will help you establish the basis for your success, and give you access to our specialized advisors. Onboarding will be discussed at Career Prep 101.

Career Prep 101

This workshop is the first step in the Onboarding process and mandatory for all U0/U1 students. Look for details on myFuture or call 514-398-2996.

Peer Advisor Program

Available to U0 and U1 students as part of their onborading process. Once students have attended Career Prep 101 they will be able to meet with a trained Peer Advisor to have their resume/cover letter reviewed.

If you are interested in becoming a peer advisor or for more information, please click here.

Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume (Curriculum Vitae, CV or CACEE application form) is similar to a promotional brochure: it highlights those things about you that are the most interesting, the most impressive and the most unique without giving away all of the details. Finally (and most importantly!), its purpose is to sufficiently impress an employer so that they invite you to an interview in order to learn even more.

Cover letters provide you with an opportunity to make a match between the job requirements and company profile and your background, qualifications and skills. In your cover letter, use specific examples to illustrate how your skills and background match the requirements of the job.

View the BCom Career Handbook in the Career Resources portal at www.mcgill.ca/desautels-career for information on how to write a resume or cover letter and check workshop dates on myFuture.

Preparing the CACEE form

The CACEE form is a standard form required by many of the accounting recruiting firms. Schedule an appointment with your advisor for assistance in completing the CACEE form.

For more information on the CACEE form, visit www.cacee.com/form.html.


In this informative session, learn how to personalize your job search by developing relationships with people who are in a position to help you gather information about the job market, guide your career decision-making and potentially help you land a job.

Interviewing and Mock Interviews

An interview is an exchange of information between a job seeker and an employer. For the employer, it is an opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the job seeker for the available position. For you, it is an opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the employer and the position with respect to your career objective.

Career Services offers a wide variety of services, workshops mock and tools on how to handle:

  • Case Interviews
  • Handling difficult questions;
  • Handling illegal questions
  • Interview Preparation (through Mock Interviews, one-on-one, taped interviews)
  • Sample Interview questions
  • Questions to ask employers
  • Interview attire

A mock interview is a practice interview with your Career Advisor or with a company representative. This interview is one of the best ways to prepare for an actual employment interview, and is an opportunity to polish your communication and interviewing skills and to gain experience answering difficult questions.

Students should contact Career Services to schedule an appointment for a mock interview, and make sure to bring their resume to the appointment.

Job Search Network

The Job Search Network is designed to help U3 students approaching graduation build and sustain job search momentum. The network consists of 5 to 12 students working together to conduct a focused and more effective job search campaign by sharing best practices, information, and leads.

Please check with the Career Services office for dates and availability.

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