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Beyond Business As Usual

Peter Todd “Good business is more than the bottom line. It’s crucial to consider the effects of business on people, society, culture and the environment. Our greatest return on investment comes from the outstanding achievements and contributions of our students, professors and alumni—not just toward business, but toward the societies in which they live.”
- Peter Todd, Professor and Dean

Building Leaders who go Beyond Business as Usual

We are committed to empowering students to be effective leaders for positive change within our school, the greater community, and in the business world. Corporate social and environmental responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainability and non-profit management are vital components of our teaching and research.

Art and LeadershipThrough a totally unique Art & Leadership initiative, developed by world-renowned Professor Nancy J. Adler, students reflect on what leading beautifully means in today’s world and how their own potential as leaders can contribute positively to society. Professor Adler is a pioneer in the increasingly important integration of art and design with business and societal leadership. She has brought artistic approaches into her work with managers and executives worldwide for more than a decade.

Our new Integrated MBA was specifically designed to strengthen the social content of what we call the MBA Integrated Core course. The introductory Global Leadership module invites students to reflect on the kind of leader they would like to be and what legacy or impact they would like to have on society. The MBA also offers electives that relate to both social innovation and the environment, including Global Strategy and Leadership, Strategies for Sustainable Development, Not‐for‐Profit Consulting, Strategic Management: Developing Countries, The Art of Leadership, Cross‐Cultural Management, Health Care Systems.

Undergraduate ProgramAt the undergraduate level, our core curriculum includes the course The Social Context of Business and includes options such as a Minor in Environment (through M.S.E.), Minor in International Development Studies (IDS), Major in International Management, Global Well‐Being and Development, Concentration in Strategic Management ‐ Social Context, Concentration in Strategic Management ‐ Global Strategy.

Our International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) was inspired by the highly successful International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) pioneered by world-renowned scholar Prof. Henry Mintzberg. The IMHL exposes participants who are key players in health management to leading-edge practicing management education and constitutes a complete rethinking of education in the health sector, providing participants with the opportunity, tools and knowledge to conceive and create breakthrough solutions for the future.

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