Chris Bolombo, BCom student

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Chris Bolombo, Desautels BCom studentAs a current BCom student, I am proud of what I have been able to contribute to the Desautels community. And it’s thanks to the generosity of donors that students like me have been able to benefit from a rigorous education and also apply our insights to worthwhile projects outside of the classroom.

With help from the Desautels Fund, I had the opportunity to organize the Empower McGill conference, which highlighted the benefits of a proactive attitude towards disability inclusion in the workplace. We demonstrated to future business leaders the advantages of employing a workforce with diverse levels of ability. won the Forces Avenir Award for Mutual Aid, Peace, and Justice Category for all of Quebec, and now University of Toronto students are emulating our model.

Donor generosity made my dream to create this groundbreaking conference a reality, and gifts to the Desautels Fund today will allow even more students like me to take our management training in new directions.

Whether supporting key student initiatives like Empower McGill, broadening career preparation at the Soutar Career Centre or expanding our BCom infrastructure to include the new Donald E. Armstrong Building, gifts to the Desautels Fund are vital to the student experience.

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"Empower McGill was the first student-run conference on business and disabilities in Canada. We brought students from McGill and other universities together to show that the contribution of people with disabilities is an important topic in business. Now we are a model for other universities."

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