A record-breaking McGill24

On March 15, 2017 our #DesautelsFamily came together to raise money for both our Faculty and McGill University as a whole. A big thank-you to all those in our community who helped make this year’s #McGill24 a success!

Did you know that Desautels graduates alone gave a remarkable $187,000 to McGill? Whether you are a student, a graduate, a parent, or you work at Desautels, you made a difference for our University. You set records, you inspired others to get involved, and you supported our community. Thank you so much!

McGill24: March 15, 2017

March 15 is McGill’s annual day of giving, and you can get involved

McGill24 is a one-day, digital fundraising campaign, when alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff unite to show their pride in McGill through philanthropy.

Last year, the inaugural McGill24 giving day—the largest fundraiser of its kind in Canadian university history—saw thousands of McGillians come together and raise nearly $800,000 to support the world-class education and research that defines McGill.

There’s plenty happening at Desautels on March 15.  Look for our McGill24 hotspot in the Herschel Victor Lobby from 12:00-2:00 p.m.  Come for a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza and then post a photo, write a thank you note to a donor, or give your own financial contribution.

You can learn more about how our donors make a difference at Desautels.  Keep an eye out for seven sites throughout the Bronfman Building that have benefited from donor generosity.  

Desautels Alumni Pino and Anthony Di Ioia are #McGillPROUD

BeaverTails founders Pino (MBA’93) and Anthony (MBA’94) are the Di Ioia Brothers. On March 15th, during McGill’s Day of giving, they are challenging alumni to provide new lockers to MBA students.

“Our time at the Desautels Faculty of Management helped get us to where we are. We’re #McGillPROUD, and we can’t wait to see the new lockers in the new MBA Building with our names on them. If you want to be #McGillPROUD, there’s 140 chances left for you to sponsor a locker.”

Visit to get involved in this global one-day fundraising event. Please GIVE generously on March 15.

Sites at Desautels that have benefited from Donor Generosity

Site #1: Concourse

Even basements need serious donor support.  In 2007 the concourse was renovated with support from a variety of donors, including Dr. Marcel Desautels and donors to the Innovation Fund.  Their donor support enhanced the computer lab area and open study space near Dave’s.  Donor support will also pave the way for new facilities in the concourse connecting the Bronfman and Donald E. Armstrong Building next door.

Site #2: Bronfman Building Lobby

The Bronfman Building Lobby had a serious facelift as a result of philanthropy from the Victor family, who generously donated the funds to renovate the Herschel Victor Lobby. Curious about other donors to our Faculty?  Note the abacus in the Sherbrooke entrance to the Bronfman Building, which honours donors of $100,000 or more who have contributed to student and professor awards, enhanced facilities, and new programs that benefit the Desautels community.

Site #3: Second Floor

The second floor was transformed through generous donor support.  The open study area’s renovations were made possible by donors to the Innovation Fund.  The Alphonse-Desjardins Trading Room was made possible by support of Caisses Populaires Desjardins in 2010.  The Scotia Capital Conference Room was supported by Scotiabank, Global Banking and Markets in 2011.

Site #4: Third Floor

Anyone who graduated before 2009 can barely recognize the renovations to the MBA program area, made possible through a $3 million gift in 2007 from Dr. Marcel Desautels.  This space is used regularly to host dignitary visits, such as the visit of Quebec’s finance minister, Carlos Leitão, last month.

Fourth Floor Meeting Spaces

Site #5: Fourth Floor

Did you know that your support of the Student Space Improvement Fund, matched by support from donors to the Desautels Fund, is responsible for this improved study area?  In 2015 the Desautels students passed a $40 fee per term in order to contribute $500,000 toward redesigned undergraduate meeting areas in several spaces around the Bronfman Building.  Stay tuned for the next space, which is due to be renovated in summer 2017.

Site #6: Fifth Floor

PhD student offices (inner corridor)

Thanks to support from Power Corp. and the donors to the Innovation Fund, the 5th floor was renovated to enhance PhD student and faculty offices.

Site #7: Sixth Floor

The Soutar Career Centre’s services have been transformed by contributions from a number of donors, including Mr. Ian and Mrs. Helgi Soutar, donors to the Desautels Faculty Advisory Board Fund for Career Services, and support from other Desautels graduates.  

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship was founded through support from the John Dobson Foundation, and donor support keeps activities like the Dobson Cup running today. 

Thanks to a gift from Power Corp to the McGill Executive Institute in the 1990s, the 6th floor of the Bronfman Building was renovated to host Executive Education courses.  These courses, in turn, generate key revenue for the entire Desautels community.

Elevator Quiz Answer

Samuel Bronfman was a Canadian businessman and philanthropist who founded Distillers Corporation Limited, which later acquired Joseph E. Seagram & Sons in 1928.  Mr. Bronfman built Seagram Co. Ltd. into an international conglomerate, including a distributor of alcoholic beverages and an entertainment branch.  His gift to McGill in 1971 supported the Bronfman building to house McGill’s Faculty of Management, which was later named the Desautels Faculty of Management through a landmark gift from Marcel Desautels in 2005.

Photo courtesy of the Manitoba Business Hall of Fame.