Desautels Strategic Plan

Transforming the way organizations are led for economic and social value creation

Our approach

Mission: What is our purpose?

To make organizations better through:

  1. Fostering rigorous original research and influential thought leadership
  2. Taking an integrated, worldly, ethical and lifelong approach to educating current and future leaders
  3. Dedication to economic and social value creation

Values: What is important to us?

We are committed to:

  1. Innovative learning
  2. Excellence in research, teaching and program delivery
  3. Respect for individuals, society and the environment
  4. Diversity and inclusiveness in our people and our thinking
  5. Collaboration within and outside our community
  6. Integrity in all that we do

Positioning: What do we want to be known for?

We will achieve this vision by positioning Desautels as:

  1. INNOVATIVE in terms of thought leadership, programs, pedagogy and delivery formats
  2. INTEGRATIVE and worldly in our approach to research, pedagogy, programs and administration
  3. INVESTED in providing a world-class educational experience
  4. INDIVIDUALIZED in our approach to learning and development
  5. INTERNATIONAL, by bringing Desautels to the world and the world to Desautels