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Mission, vision and values


MissionThe Desautels Faculty of Management advances the teaching, learning, research and practice of management through providing world-leading, innovative academic and research programs.

The Faculty serves society by bringing together some of the world’s leading professors, brightest students and industry experts, creating a learning and research environment judged to be of the highest international calibre to develop world‐wise managers and leaders who act with integrity and with a sense of personal responsibility.


VisionThe Desautels Faculty of Management aims to be the best management school in Canada and among the very best in the world based on the quality of our programs; the successes and contributions of our graduates to business and society; and the distinction of our professors in teaching as well as in their innovative research contributions to the field of management.

To fulfill our vision, we will continue to expand our resource base (human, financial, technological, and structural). Our Faculty will increasingly assert our uniqueness as a management school that serves plural, public and private sector purposes and will chart a path that sets a new standard for management education, not one that simply meets the standards set by others. We will build on our strength as a leader in international management, enhance our focus on research and knowledge development, and continue our increasing emphasis on integrated management, entrepreneurship and health management in our teaching and research.


ValuesThe Desautels Faculty of Management believes in an approach to education and research from a management perspective (not just a business perspective), allowing our research initiatives and our graduates to contribute across all levels of society, be it in the private, public or plural sectors, in innovative and diverse ways.

We believe that an interdisciplinary, integrated and holistic approach to learning and research is the key to developing broad-minded, conscientious, responsible and successful managers and leaders. This approach encourages students to appreciate collaborative, interdisciplinary problem solving and to reconcile multiple forms of value. This approach also promotes the generation of innovative solutions that are more likely to contribute to the success of, and benefits for, all stakeholders including students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends and members of the greater community.

Our Faculty maintains that by integrating teaching excellence, research innovation and industry expertise in the curricula, we can provide our students with the best possible learning experience. With a faculty, student and staff composition that are highly diverse and international, by virtue and by practice we encourage a global perspective to the teaching, learning, research and practice of management. We value the understanding and reconciliation of multiple perspectives and the construction of an environment conducive to innovation.

The above-stated values and approaches contribute to the Faculty’s goal of developing world‐wise managers and leaders who act with integrity and with a sense of personal responsibility, as well as who are equipped to work across geographic and managerial boundaries.