The MUHC Medical Grand Rounds are held every Tuesday from 12 to 1 PM alternating between the MGH and the Glen sites. The full schedule will be posted in July 2018. 



Speaker                                 Topic
Responsible Unit/Division
Date Presentation Site Video-Conference Site

Dr. Nicholas King
McGill Biomedical Ethics

Pitfalls of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Sept. 11

Glen, room DS1.1427

MGH, Osler Amphitheatre A6.105; QEHC conference room 183 & Lachine Hospital Salle Charles Gallant room 4B2







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Copies of previous presentations:

Invasion of the Kidneys by Dr. A. Khoury

Breathing Rooms by Dr. K. Schwartzman

The MUHC Department of Medicine: What will be look like in 2015? by Dr. J. Pickering

Sustainability of Medicare by Dr. J. Brophy

Antibiotics Stewardship by Drs. C. Frenette & T. Lee

Warfarin use in chronic kidney disease by Dr. S. Nessim