M.Sc, Ph.D

The Division of Oral Health and Society offers Master’s and Doctoral degree programs through the Faculty of Dentistry. The Master’s degree programs are designed to provide essential theoretical and practical training in dental public health research. Students who are particularly interested in one area choose the M.Sc (thesis) option and synthesize their research work in the form of a thesis. M.Sc (Non-thesis) option allows students to explore different areas of the discipline. Non-thesis M.Sc students are required to write a research project. The Ph.D program provides comprehensive training in a particular research area and integrates coursework, practical training and completion of a doctoral thesis. Students interested in M.Sc (Thesis) and Ph.D programs should consult a potential supervisor prior to the application.

Application for admission to the M.Sc and Ph.D program is made through the Faculty of Dentistry. Please visit the Graduate Programs website for additional information on the process.


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