About Oral Health and Society


The Oral Health & Society Division envisions a healthy and equitable society. It is committed to the promotion of oral health and quality of life in the whole population, with an emphasis on disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Several core values and principles drive us

  • Social justice and human rights i
  • Partnerships with health professions, communities, and society ii
  • Scientific interdisciplinarity iii
  • Excellence and leadership


  • To nurture and facilitate learning in undergraduate and graduate students iv and provide them with a supportive academic environment.
  • To foster outstanding clinical and public health research that will respond to the needs of the population, and promote positive change in oral health, health care and access to care.
  • To serve the population through the development of health promoting projects, including the novel approaches to health care delivery, knowledge translation and other strategies to improve health.

i The OH&S Division strongly believes that oral health and access to dental services constitute basic human rights that should be protected in our society. We are particularly committed to the eradication of health inequities, and the advocacy for those who lack voice in our society.

ii The OH&S Division favours authentic partnerships with various sectors of the society:  underprivileged communities (such as people living in poverty, indigenous, immigrants, and elderly people); health professionals; and decision makers.  We believe that partnerships, when based on mutual respect, are powerful approaches for scientific research and health promotion.

iii The OH&S Division values scientific interdisciplinarity with methodological approaches that have roots in various fields, such as health technology assessment, epidemiology, education, anthropology and sociology. We particularly recognise the mix of quantitative and qualitative methods as well as participatory action research.

iv The OH&S Division welcomes highly motivated, creative, and socially conscious students from various academic backgrounds.  We are particularly interested in students who share our vision and are committed to make positive and concrete impacts on society.


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