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What we can offer:

The McGill Faculty of Dentistry possesses a remarkable diversity of members, with expertise ranging from anthropology, cancer research, to bone formation. We offer extensive expertise, laboratories equipped with cutting edge technology, and a vibrant network of partnerships that spans the entire range of potential research stakeholders: researchers, clinicians, community/non-profit organizations, government and industry. We can offer our expertise in:

  • Assessment of the oral health needs of the population: Our faculty includes several experts in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research that are highly specialized in investigating the specific needs of populations.
  • Clinical trials: Our faculty includes world class experts in clinical trials for dental treatments (i.e. implants, implant prosthesis, etc.) and new dental materials.
  • Personalized medicine: Omic analysis designed to optimize patient care from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Development and investigation of dental and medical products: Our faculty includes researchers that are experts in the development of advanced biomaterials, stem cell therapies, and new drugs for dental and medical applications. Some examples are new drugs for pain control and treatments for rare diseases, stem cell therapies for salivary gland regeneration, and biomaterials for tissue regeneration. In addition, our research program includes investigations on the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of dental and medical products.
  • In vitro and in vivo studies:  Our faculty has extensive expertise in surgical and non-surgical animal models. These models are often used to test biocompatibility, tissue regeneration, dental implants, drugs, pain behavior, stem cell therapies, metabolism, and bone physiology among many applications. This includes mechanical testing, in-vitro cell culture, biocompatibility assays, and multiple advanced imaging capabilities.


Research Networks

Reseachers in the Faculty of Dentistry are well connected to various research networks in both Québec and at large; many of our researchers hold leadership positions within these networks. The Faculty of Dentistry therefore offers its existing members and prospective researchers the opportunity to establish connections with respected research networks, including:


Programs for collaboration between faculty and industry

Many of our research efforts lend themselves to partnerships with companies, such as those involving dental products and equipment, and e-health applications. Moreover, funding opportunities specifically designed to foster research projects with industry partners are increasingly offered by the federal and provincial agencies such as the

These agencies support collaborative research with industrial patterns through specific programs in which they leverage the research funding provided by our industrial partners. Underneath are some examples of such programs:


Access to our researchers

You can contact our researchers by browsing our faculty directory where you will find the complete list of our tenured and tenure-track faculty members along with their main areas of expertise, their research programs and links to their contact information. For a comprehensive list of researchers, including contract academic staff and researcher collaborators, consult our research clusters.



The Office of Sponsored Research as well as the Innovation + Partnerships division of McGill University Research can provide our faculty with extensive support towards filing and transferring patents for our industrial partners

Researchers at the McGill Faculty of Dentistry who wish to obtain patents to protect and commercialize their inventions are supported in this process. The Office of Innovation works with investigators and patent specialists knowledgeable about patenting procedures worldwide to provide help throughout the patenting process, including preparing the initial application and responses to patent offices.

McGill University’s Office of Research and Innovation can help you identify funding opportunities and provide you with assistance during proposal development. In addition, the university’s Innovation + Partnerships portal helps researchers, trainees and companies with the development of research partnerships.

Industry Partnership Funding Opportunity Deadlines (Restricted to McGill Faculty).

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