Maryam Tabrizian

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Tel. (514) 398-8129
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Professor Tabrizian received her PhD in Physical Sciences from Univ. P. et M. Curie and École de Physicochimie de Paris (France) in 1990. Her postdoctoral fellowship was conducted in the Center for Sciences and Engineering of Macromolecules at Laval University (90-92). She joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University in December 2000. She is FRSQ chercheure-Nationale awardee and the founder of the FQNRT Centre for Biorecognition and Biosensors (CBB) that she directed from 2002 to 2011. She became the Guggenheim fellow in 2010 and International Fellow of the Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2011 for her contribution to the field of biomedical sciences and engineering.

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Research Interests

The development of novel interface for improved interaction of biomaterials with biological environment is the overall objective of our research. We aim at building a deeper understanding of cell-biomaterial interactions in order improve our ability to predict and control the host response to new material. This is carried out through design, fabrication and characterization of multifunctional and bioactive surfaces as well as developing methodologies and protocols for creating these new biointerfaces. Our motivation rises from our belief that the future of biomedical devices will exploit materials surfaces that are designed on the basis of engineering principles to mimic the way that nature does it. As such, our laboratory masters a broad expertise in surface modification techniques, namely chemical, molecular assembly and biological methods to cope with the highly divergent requirements for surface properties in biomedical applications. Our target applications are mainly focused on regenerative medicine, nanomedicine and Lab-on-a-Chip platforms.

Examples of our ongoing research activities:

  • Cell-cell and cell-biomaterial interactions.
  • Layer-by-Layer self-assembly as bioactive interface on artificial and biological nanoparticulate templates for imaging, molecular therapy and tissue engineering.
  • 3D and 2D biocompatible hydrogels and sponges for molecular therapy and tissue engineering.
  • Surface molecular engineering and nanopatterning for biorecognition systems
  • Microfluidic platform and Lab-on-a-Chip devices for genomic, proteomic, cell sorting and cell culturing.
  • Non-invasive and real-time assessment of cell and tissue growth in microenvironment  

Publications Last 5 Years (Trainee, *Corresponding Author)


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