Jean-Marc Retrouvey

Jean-Marc Retrouvey ImageJean-Marc Retrouvey, D.M.D. MSc, FRCD

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Tel:(514) 934-8545 ext. 42489

I am the Director of the Orthodontic Division at McGill University. I am also staff Orthodontist at the Montreal General Hospital and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. I have academic interests in educational projects and research. Past research projects include: Micro-implant anchoring strength (in collaboration with the Eastern Virginia Medical School), Osteogenesis Imperfecta (in collaboration with the Shriner’s Hospital in Montreal), Occlusal characteristics of cerebral palsy patients. Finite element analysis in my research was also conducted in collaboration with the University of Tehran.

I have a major research interest in 3D CADCAM diagnosis, treatment planning and in the production of milled and printed orthodontic appliances. We are also actively conducting clinical research on aligner therapy.

In collaboration with the Shriners Hospital, I am also part of an NIH-funded project involving multicentre research on Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

I do not direct a research laboratory and thus am not able to accept the direct supervision of graduate students. However, I frequently serve as co-supervisor for student research projects. I do supervise Summer Research Projects for McGill Undergraduate Dental Students.

Research interests

Osteogenesis Imperfecta and rare disease studies (Mice and clinical studies)

3D CADCAM diagnostic, treatment, milling and printing of appliances

Dental Materials (Composites and Finite-Element Analysis)


2014 NIH Grant 2014 (participant) Brittle Bone Disorders Consortium of the Rare Disease Clinical Research Network
Principal investigator : Brendan Lee
My role is to participate in craniofacial research of OI, one of
5 foci in this study
2012 TAEFL Development Grant
The Virtual-Patient Data Bank
Role: Principal developer and writer
2010 SHRINERS Osteogenesis Imperfecta grant
Co-Principal Investigator and research developer
Montreal Childrens Hospital
Development of the craniofacial unit
2008 Government of Quebec, Montreal Childrens Hospital
Handicapping Malocclusions
Role: Director of the program
Virtual patient database
Role Principal investigator and developer


Peer reviewed articles

Abdallah, M. N., Light, N., Amin, W. M., Retrouvey, J. M., Cerruti, M., & Tamimi, F. (2014). Development of a composite resin disclosing agent based on the understanding of tooth staining mechanisms. J Dent, 42(6), 697-708.

Rizkallah, J., Schwartz, S., Rauch, F., Glorieux, F., Vu, D. D., Muller, K., & Retrouvey, J. M. (2013). Evaluation of the severity of malocclusions in children affected by osteogenesis imperfecta with the peer assessment rating and discrepancy indexes. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop, 143(3), 336-341.

Luu, N. S., Nikolcheva, L. G., Retrouvey, J. M., Flores-Mir, C., El-Bialy, T., Carey, J. P., & Major, P. W. (2012). Linear measurements using virtual study models. Angle Orthod, 82(6), 1098-1106.

Geramy, A., Retrouvey, J. M., Jelodar, R., & Salehi, H. (2012). Mini-implant loosening: 3D analysis using the finite element method. Orthodontics (Chic.), 13(1), e51-57.

Geramy, A., Retrouvey, J. M., Sobuti, F., & Salehi, H. (2012). Anterior Teeth Splinting After Orthodontic Treatment: 3D Analysis Using Finite Element Method. J Dent (Tehran), 9(2), 90-98.

Lemieux, G., Hart, A., Cheretakis, C., Goodmurphy, C., Trexler, S., McGary, C., & Retrouvey, J. M. (2011). Computed tomographic characterization of mini-implant placement pattern and maximum anchorage force in human cadavers. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop, 140(3), 356-365.

Retrouvey, J. M., & Finkelstein, A. B. (2008). Blended learning in orthodontic diagnosis: an interactive approach. J Can Dent Assoc, 74(7), 645-649.

Retrouvey, J. M. (2003). Point of Care in Orthodontics. Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. 69(6), 395-400.

Book Chapters

Retrouvey, J.M., Schwartz, S. & Hartsfield, J.K. (2014) Oral-Facial Aspects of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. In J. Shapiro, P. Byers, F. Glorieux & P. Sponseller (Eds.), Osteogenesis Imperfecta, A Translational Approach to Brittle Bone Disease (pp. 313-327). Elsevier.

Retrouvey, J.M., Goldberg, M., & Schwartz, S. (2011) Dental Development and Maturation, from the Dental Crypt to the Final Occlusion. In F. Glorieux, J.M. Pettifor & H. Juppner (Eds), Pediatric Bones (pp. 83-108). Boston: Elsevier.

Educational or special Projects

Interactive CD ROM Orthodontic Diagnosis developed in collaboration with Instructional Multimedia Services to train students in the diagnosis of malocclusion. All aspects of diagnosis are covered using text and animations. Interactive exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to let the students practice their newly acquired knowledge. Several Canadian and American Universities use this program

Virtual-Patient Database Web based patient database designed to develop diagnostic and analytical skills in a multimedia environment with 3D imaging and virtual cephalometric imaging. The emphasis is placed on problem recognition and problem solving.

President International Foundation for Orthodontic Education: Development of a Blended Learning Curriculum for the country of Vietnam in Postgraduate Orthodontics
Technical advisor 3Shape Company
Advisor Invisalign (pilot practice)