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McGill Dentistry Graduate Student Society Committee, 2020-2021

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President: Kimia Rohani

Bonjour tout le monde!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kimia and I am a second-year masters’ student. I am a dentist and a researcher in McGill. I started my journey as a dental student, and through my clinical practice after graduation, I became interested in population-level interventions rather than personal- level dental care. Long story short, I am interested in public health, population-level data analysis, and data visualization. I work under supervision of Dr. de Souza on a project on association between poor oral health and cognitive impairment.

Enough with the academic side of me! On a more personal level, I love to meet new people, break their ice, and listen to their stories but that doesn’t mean that I won’t talk! Do you want to make me happy? Plan for a “coffee+walk” day and talk about psychology! I love exercising, painting, yoga, and eating healthy. I also strongly believe in traveling miracle but when I visit a new place, I try to avoid busy touristic places as I prefer meeting locals.

Now let’s talk about MDGSS!

Last year, I was at the position of VP communications and I learned a lot from my experience. This year and as the president, I am excited to be a member of a team, in which we truly listen, genuinely accept, and collectively grow. It was a tough year for all of us and it is not over yet. We need to care for and share with each other in order to rise to this challenge and to stay safe, strong, and healthy. the best part is that we are all in this together! Me and my team would be happy to hear your suggestions to make the experience of studying at McGill even better


VP-Academics: Hamed Ghanati

Hello everyone! This is Hamed. I am an Iranian dentist who graduated from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in 2015. Since my graduation, I worked as a university instructor at Tabriz Azad University before joining the McGill community. I am a first-year graduate student in the faculty of dentistry under the supervision of Profs. Belinda F. Nicolau and Sreenath A. Madathil. My research mainly focuses on the development of “A Machine Learning Algorithm Based on Bayesian Neural Networks to Predict Risk of Head and Neck Cancer.” My ultimate goal is to design and develop a clinical web application used for cancer prediction. I love keeping myself busy with reading scientific books and self-learning. I also enjoy rendering community service, swimming, cycling, hiking, exploring uncharted territories, ultralight aviation, and playing piano as extracurricular activities.

As your VP-Academics, I am working hand-in-hand with my teammates at MDGSS to plan and organize different academic events. We aim to provide you with interesting scientific seminars and workshops with national and international speakers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these events have to be held online this year. However, this does not discourage us from doing our bests to offer you the most exciting events. In this way, I appreciate any constructive suggestion. So, please feel free to contact me through email if you have any ideas to be implemented in MDGSS events.

Best wishes for a great year, and hope to meet you all on-campus very soon.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!


VP- FINANCE: Sangeeth Pillai

Bonjour!! My name is Sangeeth. I am currently a PHD 2 student at the Faculty of dentistry under the supervision of Dr. Simon Tran. I work at the McGill Laboratory for Craniofacial Tissue Engineering and Stem cells. I previously obtained my bachelor’s degree (BDS) from India in 2018. My research mainly focuses on understanding the tissue engineering and regenerative principles in salivary gland regeneration. Besides working in lab, I love travelling places, trying different food cuisines and watching movies. You can also find me at the McGill recreation centre, where I try to keep my balance considering my unhealthy eating habits.

Being your VP-Finance for year 2020-21, my primary role would be to monitor and maintain the financial health of the committee. I am responsible for planning the financial operations and transactions for the events held by MDGSS. I also plan to seek out methods to identify opportunities for potential improvement in the overall economic status of the society. I hope to get support from my fellow committee members and other graduate students for this task. Your valuable suggestions and feedback are always welcome. So, let’s make something beautiful by working as a team and enjoy our time together here at McGill. Cheers!



Hi all, my name is Ekisha Rajendran and I am a recent Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) graduate from Chennai, India. I am currently in my first year Master’s non-thesis program. I am extremely happy to be elected as your VP Communications for the year 2020-21. Due to our current pandemic, we have lost our indispensable social interaction and communication that comes along with in person get- togethers.

Our team wishes to bridge this gap with various exciting online activities and interactive sessions suited to our various time zones. Besides preparing for our online zoom classes and writing assignments, I find myself in the kitchen experimenting with plant-based alternatives and grooving to music. I would describe myself as a very animated, enthusiastic, and passionate person, who puts her whole-heart and effort into everything she does.

Do follow MDGSS on our various social media pages for updates on all the fun academic and social activities that we have planned for the upcoming year! Reach out to me by e-mail (ekisha.rajendran [at] if you have any queries, suggestions or even if you want to vent! Hope to talk to you soon. Au revoir !


VP SOCIAL : Parisa Khayambashi

Hey everyone! I am currently a second year Masters student at the Faculty of Dentistry under the supervision of Dr. Simon Tran. I work at the McGill Laboratory of Craniofacial Tissue Engineering and Stem cells at Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry building. I have a BSc. majoring in Biology from Dalhousie University and one BSc. from Concordia university in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Also a bit of graduate diploma in Biotechnology from Concordia. So, lots of labs and science classes!

After working in the lab and spending time in class or in front of my laptop, you can always find me in the bookstores and art supply stores downtown! Other than some science degrees, I have a handful of friends that I collected over the years and I admire them like precious gems. That is why, being the VP Social is quite fitting for me as planning events with my friends and colleagues is probably one of my most favorite habits. I am always looking forward to making a new event, workshop, seminar and gathering, so let me know your ideas and we make them happen right away


PGSS Representative: Mehak Khanna


I’m a first-year thesis master’s student from India. I received my Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in the year 2015 from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in India.

Before the pandemic struck, I had a strong affinity to the outdoors with regular runs and walk by the coast of Mumbai. A gourmet by heart, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and tiny cafes. I keep myself entertained by watching all the latest movies, so much so that my friends call me a movie buff.

The ‘people person’ that I’m, would help me from the standpoint of representing MDGSS. I will patiently hear and voice my team members, and the other graduate students in PGSS. I will adhere to all the responsibilities and work as a team with the other members. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is any specific issue you want us to address.


PGSS Representative: Harsh Vardhan Singh Arora

Bonjour Folks!

This is Harsh, which means joyful in Hindi . I am your PGSS representative for this 2020-21. I am currently doing a masters of dentistry; my project investigates the effectiveness of opportunistic oral cancer screening programs in Brazil. I am a teaching assistant for an undergraduate dentistry class and an ex-researcher for a COVID-19 project among healthcare workers organized by the University of Montréal. On the fun side, I like painting, listening to music and am a FOODIE (vegetarian :D)! Since my arrival at McGill, I have been involved with various activities of the MDGSS. I remain committed to working for the needs of us graduate students. I very much see myself as part of a team at the PGSS and look forward to collaborating with the various PGSS staff in furthering our common goals like student insurance and privacy concerns. If you have questions, comments, or if you feel lonely or hungry, I would be delighted to meet you by email at harsh.arora [at], by zoom or by phone!


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