"I took the SR and meta analysis class with you last summer. I just wanted to tell you that that course almost landed me a job. I went through a series of interviews with a great company. Unfortunately the job didnt work out for me personally but I thank you for that course, it served greatly during the job interview"


“I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the class and the excellent material. Very useful and the instructors were amazing.”


“I was able to apply everything I learned during the morning to real examples in a group setting during the afternoon. This application of knowledge helped to clarify any questions or misunderstandings I had.”


“I liked the one-on-one interaction with the instructors. They took their time in explaining things and also gave us enough time to do our own project and apply the methods we learnt. Also, the organizers did an amazing job and everything was well organized and the food was great.”


“It was a very comprehensive course and well organized and the instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to approach even after classes whenever we needed help with our project.”

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