Before May 25

After May 25

Students and trainees from McGill University and its affiliated hospital

$465 CAD

$515 CAD

Applicants working or studying in low- and middle-income countries

$535 CAD

$595 CAD

Other students and trainees from high income countries who are registered at a college or university

$650 CAD

$725 CAD

All other applicants

$920 CAD

$1020 CAD


A 12% discount will be granted to those participating in 2 Summer Institute courses. In addition, participants of previous editions of the Summer Institute can obtain a discount of 10% on their 2022 registration. To qualify for this discount, please contact Rachel Hatcher (research2.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca).


Fees include a course package and a certificate of participation.


Recommended Readings

Borenstein, M. (2009). Introduction to meta-analysis. Chichester, U.K.: John Wiley & Sons.

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