Meta-Analysis of Clinical and Basic Science Research

July 4-20, 2022

Part of the Summer Institute in Innovative Methodologies

Evidence-based medical practice is based on the consolidation of best research evidence with clinical and patient expertise. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are important tools for synthesizing evidence needed to inform clinical decision making and policy. In clinical research, systematic review and meta-analysis are regarded as the cornerstone of evidence-based medicine. In basic science, attempts to evaluate prior literature in such rigorous and quantitative manner are rare, and narrative reviews are prevalent. Regardless, methods to synthesize basic research to inform translational studies are required to minimize the translational gap between bench and bedside.

The goal of this course is to provide a theoretical foundation, computational resources and workflow outline for performing a systematic or rapid review followed by meta-analysis of a clinical or basic research topic. Participants will design and conduct a rapid-review-based meta-analysis over the duration of the course. This will serve as a working example to facilitate discussion of the meta-analytic process and will be used to highlight challenges and obstacles that one may encounter during data synthesis. We will discuss each step of the meta-analytic process including search strategy design, data extraction, analysis of heterogeneity, data-synthesis and meta-regression along with emerging trends. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to conduct a meta-analysis in their field of interest.

We will only use open source software and you can bring your own data to analyze in our course. All our course contents will be offered online using McGill’s management system, MyCourses. Course contents will be delivered using videos, in-person interactive workshops via Zoom and much more. Come join us this summer to learn meta-analysis in your field of interest.

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