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The McGill Dentistry Graduate Students’ Forum is a student-led initiative that serves as a bi-weekly platform to provide graduate students and other members of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences at McGill University with the opportunity to network and learn from one another, as well as those from other sectors and universities. Different topics are discussed in an informal environment, including but not limited to: oral health research, career paths, proposal presentations, methodologies, etc. In addition to these, other speakers are invited to increase the interdisciplinary understandings of the members of this Faculty. The formats of these weekly sessions range from lectures to workshops and are flexible to the speakers’ and audiences’ needs.

2020-2021 Dentistry Grad Students' Forum Committee

Yuli Zhang

I am Yuli Zhang, a second-year PhD student in Dr. Tran's lab. My research interest is to develop a 3D ex vivo human salivary gland (hSG) model, which can served as a tool for drug target discovery or even be a substitute for the damaged hSG. In addition to my research, I am also passionate in knowledge and experience delivery, making more people benefit from efficient communication, which is why I cherish the students' forum so much. Besides, I love skating, cooking, playing badminton, and making friends! :D

Yatri Vyas

Hello Everyone!! My name is Yatri Vyas. I completed my Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery from GDC Ahmedabad, India. Currently, I am a second-year Master Student in Dental Sciences with Dr. Ana Miriam Velly. My research is based on the psychological factors associated with Temporomandibular disorders. My goal of pursuing a Masters at McGill University is to understand and acquire knowledge about the research aspect of Dentistry. Along with my research, I like reading books, exploring new places, singing (especially Indian classical), and playing Harmonium and Piano. I find the Dentistry Graduate Student Forum as a perfect platform for students to communicate and understand the current scenarios of the research world. You are welcome to share your ideas for future events.

Janaki Iyer

Hello everyone! My name is Janaki Iyer. I have completed my Bachelor in Dentistry and Master in Dentistry (in the discipline of Oral Pathology and Microbiology) from Mumbai, India. Currently, I am a first-year PhD student in Dr. Simon Tran’s Laboratory for Craniofacial Tissue Engineering and Stem cells at Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry building. My current research involves the regeneration and repair of salivary gland tissue using stem cells. As I have previously served as faculty at a dental school, back home, I pursue my PhD with a passion for continuing in academia. So yes, here I am, overseas, with a long way to go and loads to gather through the journey ahead!

The Dentistry Graduate Students' Forum of McGill University, is a well-known interactive platform to exchange ideas and network with peer and faculty alike. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas for future events!

Sam Zhou

Hi! My name is Sam Zhou, I am a first year Master’s student in Dental Sciences – Thesis Program in Dr. Ji Zhang’s lab. In the lab, I am working on trying to understand the contributions of the immune system to the development of neuropathic pain. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at McGill in Microbiology and Immunology, with a minor in Psychology. I am passionate about science communication and research dissemination, and I am excited to learn about all the exciting research going on in the department! Looking forward to meeting everyone in the department through the Dentistry Graduate Students’ Forums, and please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the forum!

Shwetha Sherigar

Bonjour!!! My name is Shwetha Sherigar. I have completed my Bachelor's in Dental Surgery (B.D.S) and a Postgraduate Program in Healthcare Management from India. I practiced dentistry for quite a few years as I wanted to put my knowledge to test in the clinical world. After experiencing the clinical aspect of dentistry, I wanted to broaden my perspective and horizons. In this era where knowledge is becoming the most important determinant, it is necessary to keep updating one's knowledge. Hence, here I am pursuing my goal at McGill University. Currently, I am a first year Master’s student under the supervision of Dr. Jocelyne Feine and Dr. Raphael de Souza with my research focus on dental implants. I love travelling and exploring new places, trying out new cuisines, cooking and reading.

I joined the Dentistry Graduate Student's Forum as it will provide me with an excellent opportunity to explore the various aspects of dentistry and other interdisciplinary topics. It will provide an optimal platform to network and learn from one another. It will definitely be a fabulous learning experience and help us to develop our skills which I really look forward to experience during my graduate life. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the forum, feel free to contact me. Would love to connect with you!!!


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Members from the community are invited to propose topics or speakers for the Graduate Students' Forum. Please feel free to contact any of our committee members by email.


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