Nora Makansi

Assistant professor, DDS, PhD
nora.makansi [at] (Email)

Nora Makansi completed her graduate studies at McGill's Faculty of Dentistry. In her Doctoral research, she used a mixed methods approach to examine the behavioral and socio-environmental factors associated with eating habits in adolescents. Her research work also includes examining the conceptualization of childhood in pediatric dentistry textbooks and, more recently, enhancing access to dental services for people with disabilities. Currently, Nora is leading a project exploring the role of Motivational Interviewing in promoting healthy behaviors among dental patients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Qualitative and Mixed Methods research
  • Oral healthcare accessibility
  • Applied communication skills in dental education

Selected publications:

  • Makansi, N., Blaizot, A., Vergnes, J. N., Morris, M., Rousseau, J., & Bedos, C.(2021). A scoping review on dental clinic accessibility for people using wheelchairs. Special Care in Dentistry.
  • Makansi, N., & Carnevale, F. (2020). Researching the Moral Experiences of Young Children: A Pilot Study. Journal of Childhood Studies, 44-57.
  • Makansi, N., Carnevale, F. A., & Macdonald, M. E. (2018). The conceptualization of childhood in North American pediatric dentistry texts: a discursive case study analysis. International journal of paediatric dentistry, 28(2), 189-197.
  • Makansi, N., Allison, P., Awad, M., & Bedos, C. (2018). Fruit and vegetable intake among Emirati adolescents: a mixed methods study. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 24(7).

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