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Unfortunately our patient volume has exceeded our clinic capacity. In order to continue to provide quality and timely care to our current patients we have taken the difficult decision to stop accepting new patients for an indeterminate amount of time.
We are working hard on increasing our clinic capacity and hope to accept new patients in the future.

Dr. Chantal Czerednikow uses techniques such as music therapy, patient guided sensory integration, nitrous oxide sedation, social stories and pictograms depending on the the patient’s reaction to dental care. Dr. Czerednikow’s adapted approach has enabled many patients to accept dental treatment without the use of general anesthesia. Listening to the family and finding out what calms or triggers the patient is an integral part of the approach at See Things My Way.The See Things My Way dental clinic serves adults with Autism and/or Intellectual Disability using an approach that is highly adapted to the patient. A full range of treatment is provided; cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and removable prosthesis, with and without conscious sedation.

Affiliated with the McGill Faculty of Dentistry General Practice Residency Program, the residents actively participate in the care of the patients and attend multiple seminars given by Dr. Czerednikow to discuss techniques in dental care for people with Autism and/or Intellectual Disability.


For more information about the See Things My Way Dental Clinic, please visit the clinic's website.

Referral Process

Patients seeking care from our clinic may be referred by one of our healthcare partners, or may contact us directly, as long as they meet our eligibility criteria. Once the patient’s referral information and completed documentation is received at See Things My Way Health Services, our nurse will contact the patient/family by telephone to ensure completeness of the file, and book the initial appointment. Read more.

Patient Eligibility

Patients must

  • be aged 14 years or older at the time of their first appointment
  • have been previously diagnosed with ASD and/or ID

Patients without decisional capacity must be accompanied by at least one caregiver.

  • The patient, or the accompanying caregiver must be able to communicate in French or English.
  • The patient and/or caregiver must complete intake forms and submit these forms to our office prior to the patient being accepted.

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The See Things My Way dental clinic is curently located at the Montreal General Hospital:

  • 1650 Cedar Ave, Montreal, QC H3G 1A4 (3rd floor, A wing)

You can reach us at:

  • Phone number: 514-794-7869
  • Fax : 514-934-8340
  • E-mail address: scdent [at]

Please click here for the visit preparation document.

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