Policy on Accommodation

Special accommodations during the multiple mini-interviews

The Admissions Office is committed to ensuring access to our dental programs by providing appropriate accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities. We strive to make appropriate, timely and carefully considered accommodations during the multiple mini-interviews on a case by base basis

The Admissions Office works closely with McGill University’s Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) to determine whether candidates are eligible for accommodation during the interviews and how to best meet their specific needs in the context of our unique selection process.

On what basis can I request accommodation?
If you have a disability or a medical condition, we encourage you to self-identify and document the current impact of your impairment and how it may affect your ability to undertake the multiple mini- interviews.  We encourage you to contact the undergrad.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca (Admissions Office) as early as possible to initiate the process. 

How can I request accommodation?
Requests for accommodation must be made in writing and must include documentation which outlines the nature of the disability, the functional limitation(s), the goal(s) of the accommodation, and suggested method(s) to accommodate.  Complete documentation (medical assessments, history of previous accommodations...etc.) must be provided to support the request. The applicant's full name and McGill ID number must appear in the top right corner of each page (including appendices).

The request will be assessed by the OSD which has the mandate to review all accommodation requests for medical school applicants and recommend specific measures.  All applicants requesting accommodation agree to have their information shared with the OSD.  Please note that each request is strictly confidential.

When can I request accommodation?
Considering the very short timeline for this program, requests for disability-related accommodation must be submitted in writing by September 16th to undergrad.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca.  Please allow enough time for the request to be assessed by the Office of Students with Disabilities.  The OSD will then make a recommendation to the admissions office that will grant and implement the accommodation.