Staff Forms and Policies

Code of Conduct

In accordance with the Faculty of Dentistry values, this Code of Conduct intends to inform, guide and enhance the conduct of all members of the Faculty of Dentistry in their interactions with each other and with persons external to the Faculty with whom they come into contact, whether in the classroom or in work-related settings (e.g., clinics, rotations, clinical practice, fieldwork, research laboratories, conferences or other venues). The policy applies to all forms of verbal and written communication, and includes emails, phone calls and social media.

Another purpose of the Code is to provide all members of the Faculty of Dentistry with a framework that states and brings awareness to other policies that are applicable to them. As such, the Code is a reference tool to help all members of the Faculty of Dentistry navigate their rights and responsibilities, as well as know where to take their concerns relating to those rights and responsibilities.

Faculty of Dentistry Code of Conduct [PDF]

The following forms must be completed by all new faculty appointees and returned to the Dean's Office (2001 McGill College)

  1. Biographical Information for New Employees [.pdf]
  2. Curriculum Vitae ( Sample Curriculum Vitae for Dentists )
  3. Copy of DDS/DMD degree
  4. Copy of Specialty certificate or diploma (if appropriate)
  5. 3 letters of recommendation
  6. 2 small photographs

Additional forms to be completed by faculty teaching at the Montreal General Hospital clinic and returned to the Clinic Directors Office

  1. Hospital Application for Appointment
  2. Liability Insurance Authorization Form
  3. Copy of license from l'Ordre des dentistes du Quebec
  4. Copy of Malpractice Liability Insurance certificate
  5. Copy of certificate of professional conduct (highlights whether or not the dentist is in good standing with the ordre or if there are any complaints against him/ her) from the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec.

Academic Staff Departures

Please consult the Academic Personnel Office website for the University's policies on academic staff departures and resignations.

McGill Email Account

All part-time faculty are entitled to a McGill email address. Please consult the IT Services website for instructions on how to set up your McGill email.

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