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Off-Campus Access to McGill Resources

Step 1: Get to know your McGill Username
McGill communicates with Faculty using your McGill email address. You can access most of McGill's electronic resources including WebCT and Electronic Journals from your home or office if you know your McGill ID Number and PIN or McGill Username and Password.

  • Your McGill ID Number can be found on your pay-slip or bank deposit confirmation slip, It's a nine digit number that may look something like 150941234 or 260021234.
  • In most cases, your McGill Username is yourfirstname.yourlastname [at]

If you know your McGill ID Number and PIN or McGill Username Password, proceed to Step 2. If you forgot your password or were never assigned one, you must call the McGill Help Desk at (514) 398-3398 and request a password reset

Step 2: Set up VPN on your computer
VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network)lets you log into the McGill network from home to access Medline and the electronic journal collection. You do not need to use VPN for most other resources that are described here

  • You can find the directions for setting up VPN on your home computer by clicking here

After you finish installing VPN, you will be prompted to place a shortcut to McGill VPN on your desktop. Please accept. VPN closes everytime you shut your computer. You will have to reconnect to McGill VPN whenever you want to access Medline or an e-journal. When prompted, enter your McGill Username and password

Step 3: Quicklinks

Step 4: myMcGill – The easiest way to access all your McGill resources
The myMcgill web portal allows you to access email, WebCT, Minerva, the library and many other McGill resources, all in one location, using only one sign-in.

You can access myMcGill at or by clicking myMcGill in the top right-hand corner of any McGill webpage.

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