Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences

Whether a patient, student, or staff member, every individual that passes through the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences' doors deserves to feel safe, welcome, valued, and heard. At the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences, we are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion to better serve every individual that makes up our valued community.

We are working to build a community in which human rights are respected, and equity and inclusion are embedded in all areas of academic, work and student life.

As McGill University continues working in consultation with the University community to develop a plan to advance its work in connection with the Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism—in addition to the development of a 5 year strategic plan related to equity, diversity, and inclusion more broadly—the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences also recognizes its important role in inspiring positive change from within our own academic community and workplace culture.

In the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences, we are trying to build a healthier future for all. As such, our commitment to this mission is further strengthened by our efforts to champion anti-racism and EDI.

Committee members recently had a conversation with CDA Oasis about initiatives in the Faculty.


Black history month at McGill

Black History Month

Starting Tuesday, February 1st , 2022 

Black History Month offers the chance for the community to come together to celebrate important achievements of Black people in our community and around the world. Join us in celebrating our sixth annual celebration of Black History Month at McGill University bringing together students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. This year's celebration is organized by the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) in partnership with the Faculty of Science. The events will bring the opportunity to connect online. We appreciate the continued support of our partners on and off campus and look forward to honoring and celebrating Black history together. Check out the Schedule of Events using this link.

Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral History Month event:

Black communities in oral medicine: a sociohistorical perspective and the way forward
February 23, 12pm-1pm

Meet our Team

Our team is composed of professors, students, and staff dedicated to championing the values of EDI at the Faculty.

Strategic Roadmap

Our strategic roadmap is designed to set goals and measure progress.

Contact Us

Share Ideas
Your opinion matters. We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or feedback on how the Faculty of Dentistry can become more equitable, diverse and inclusive. Please contact Assistant Professor Firoozeh Samim, EDI Committee Chair at edi.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca

Get Involved
We believe all of us can play a role in building a more welcoming and respectful campus community. From funding opportunities to getting involved in programs designed to engage students, staff, or faculty, there are many opportunities to support inclusion

  • Gender Diversity
  • Equity Ambassadors
  • Equity Student advisory council
  • Equity and inclusion scholar program
  • Equity committees

Student EDI Initiatives

McGill Dental Inclusion Program (MDIP)
The McGill Dental Inclusion Program (MDIP) is a non-profit mentorship program lead by the students of the Faculty of Dentistry and is aimed towards students from marginalized populations (Black, Indigenous, low SES, other visible minorities). Its mission is to inspire, motivate, and encourage students from underrepresented populations to pursue the Dental Program at McGill. Learn more.

Dental Student Society: Equity Committee
As chair of the DSS Equity Committee, D1 student Zainab Abdulhusein is the representative from the undergraduate student body in the Faculty’s EDI committee.

Zainab will be recruiting members of the DSS Equity Committee and will work towards establishing this committee as a permanent addition to the DSS Governing bodies.

Graduate Students Activities and Initiatives
As graduate students in the Faculty of Dentistry, we do not strive for academic excellence only. We also yearn for becoming our better selves and for helping our peers to achieve the same

To pursue our shared goal, we will collaborate with EDI committee to run surveys to assess the needs of our student body, to organize workshops to self-reflect and educate ourselves, and to conduct research to better understand and overcome systemic barriers to EDI. We are longing to do what is needed to be done, to embrace our differences, and to make everyone realize that we have always been parts of the same being.

Important Dates

McGill University recognizes and respects the diversity of its community, including diversity of religious faiths and observances. The University is committed to providing an environment in which its students can fulfill both their university and their religious commitments.

For a full list of important dates refer to this page.

Resources and Support

We believe all of us can play a role in building a more welcoming and respectful campus community. From funding opportunities to getting involved in programs designed to engage students, staff, or faculty, there are many opportunities to support inclusion.

Anonymous EDI Contact Form

You are invited to complete this form if you have experienced or witnessed equity, diversity and inclusion issues at the Faculty of Dentistry—based on, for example, but not limited to, race, Indigenous identity, gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability, or religion. You can use this form if you are not comfortable disclosing your name or if you prefer using it to send an email directly to an individual. Kindly note that this is not an official reporting form, but it will be used to address ongoing EDI issues in the Faculty with First Responders and/or the EDI Committee.

Anonymous EDI contact form.

Access Support

If you’ve experienced an issue, here are some steps you can take for help:

Get in touch
Contact the Faculty of Dentistry's EDI Committee by email: edi.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca

Make a complaint
If you have experienced harassment or discrimination, you are encouraged to lodge a formal complaint with the University. For more information on the process of reporting harassment, discrimination and sexual violence, please visit McGill University’s How to Report page. Please know that all complaints are strictly confidential.

Reach out to the Ombudsperson for Students
As the Ombudsperson for Students, Professor Patricia Faison Hewlin provides an independent, impartial and confidential service through which students may seek the just, fair and equitable resolution of any University-related concern. Get in touch.

Visit the Student Wellness Hub
The Student Wellness Hub is your place to go for their holistic health and wellness needs. It provides access to basic physical and mental health services, as well as health promotion and peer support programs, in convenient locations at both our Macdonald and downtown campuses. Get in touch.

Access Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
We all face problems, and sometimes these problems become too difficult for us to manage on our own. Employees may need assistance, advice, or just someone who will listen. Whatever personal, family, or work-related difficulties may be adversely affecting your life, your Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is there to provide support. Learn more.

Resources & Programs

Our education and training program includes customized presentations, briefings, panel discussions, and educational programming delivered to students, administrators, faculty, staff, representatives from unions, employee associations, departmental equity committees and the wider community.

Research Resources - EDI and Oral Health
Research Library: Current awareness listing of articles from PubMed covering the intersection between issues of diversity and inclusion, and oral health/dentistry.

Indigenous Pathways
The Faculty of Dentistry has established an admissions pathway for Indigenous students to facilitate their entry to an education in and career in health sciences. We also have reserved seats in our DMD and DENT-P programs. If you wish to be considered for this specific application pathway, undergrad.dentistry [at] mcgill.ca (please contact our Admissions Office) and we will provide you with further instructions on how to proceed.

Explore Resources at McGill

Explore a comprehensive list of McGill's support services and resources for students, staff, and faculty:

Indigenous Initiatives

Equity, diversity and inclusion at McGill University

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Offices at McGill University

Teaching resources

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