Four Years in the Life of a Dental Student with Sina Hashemi / May 22nd, 2014

Poor oral health is fundamentally linked to a number of serious health problems, including diabetes, aspiration pneumonia, heart disease, stroke and metabolic disorder. As with many health problems, oral diseases are much more prevalent among society’s economically and physically marginalized individuals, who have a significantly higher incidence of dental diseases in addition to problems accessing dental care due to financial and physical barriers. The problem is further amplified by the fact that many dentists have limited experience working with underprivileged groups: recent immigrants, the working poor, the elderly and the cognitively and people with disabilities.

The Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University offers an innovative and dynamic curriculum that trains its students to not only be excellent dentists but to develop an understanding of the link between oral health and general health all the while caring for all segments of society. What better way to realize the impact of this outstanding dental program than to hear from students themselves. I recently sat down with Sina Hashemi (DMD IV and former Dental Student Society President) who, on May 11th, was also awarded the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal (for his academic excellence and community involvement). Sina shared with me his reflections on the last 4 years and the impact his experience in the program has had on him as he continues onto a specialization in oral surgery next year.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Sina Hashemi delivers his speech as DSS President in October 2013 at the new facility announcement event.

Formative years

Sina talks about how McGill’s dental program shaped him and shares the advice he would give himself going back in time, 4 years ago.

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Sina Hashemi with Dr. Mary Ellen Macdonald at 2014 Oral Health Research Day

Giving back

Sina speaks about what made his first experience at the mobile clinic unforgettable.

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Sina Hashemi DMD '14 with family and l’Honorable Pierre Duchesne and his wife Ginette Lamoureux

Graduation honours and a fond farewell

Sina explains what it means for him to receive the Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal, plus his farewell message to his classmates.

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