Summer Clinic with Romantha Descartes / September 26, 2013

Every summer, during the entire month of July, the Faculty provides free dental care in its main dental clinic for people with physical and cognitive disabilities as well as others who are unable to access routine dental services. This is an excellent learning experience for students while providing a much needed service to vulnerable members of the community.

But successful projects that impact many lives are most often possible thanks to the collective effort of many dedicated individuals -many who work diligently in the background without notice - the humble individuals that are focused on the common goal and driven by a strong work ethic. Romantha Descartes, Patient Service Coordinator at the Faculty’s Undergraduate clinic, is one of these individuals. A "petite" and reserved person, she steps up to the challenge time and time again to help others and make sure that the Faculty’s dental students have the best experience possible during their training at the undergraduate clinic and during summer clinic with a full schedule to hone their skills as future dentists. She leads them through the experience and conducts an orientation each year before the summer clinic. Earlier this summer, I met with Romantha who was kind enough to sit and chat with me despite her preference of avoiding the limelight. Her passion and dedication in her work shone right through in my interview with this dedicated worker who is a great part of the success of the summer clinic.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Romantha Descartes with 2013 Mexican exchange students Mauricio, Luis and Cristina

Summer Clinic Success Stories

Romantha Descartes speaks about the process behind preparing for the Summer Clinic each year and shares one of her all-time heartwarming success stories involving a young patient.

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Patient being treated at the 2013 Summer Clinic

Words of Wisdom

Romantha Descartes reflects on the importance of a sensitive and patient approach during summer clinic and her words of wisdom to students who participate for the first time.

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2013 Summer Clinic Students and staff at McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry Undergraduate Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital

Personal Philosophy

As the recipient of the Faculty’s 2013 Most Valuable Person Award, I asked Romantha about her personal work philosophy and the importance of teamwork for success.

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