Forensic Dentistry with Dr. Robert Dorion / November 21st, 2013

Criminal court cases, bite marks, mass disasters, dead bodies ... sounds like a good detective novel? That's the world of dentistry Dr. Robert Dorion is immersed in every day ... forensic dentistry, that is. Having worked on more than 4000 cases over the course of his career, Dr. Dorion is Director of Forensic Dentistry at the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale, Ministry of Public Security for province of Quebec since 1973. He is also the man behind the Continuing Education course on Forensic Dentistry in McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Dorion graduated with a B.Sc. from St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish N.S. in 1968 and a D.D.S. from McGill University in 1972. But this is only a glimpse. You can see his full biography here.

Without a doubt, forensic dentistry is both an intense and fascinating specialty. Earlier this fall, I sat down with Dr. Dorion to learn more about this complex world of investigation and puzzle solving. There were so many interesting stories that we even added a bonus feature this time around! Enjoy.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Dr. Dorion with the forensic odontology team of the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale de Montréal

What Is Forensic Dentistry?

The tragedy of Lac-Mégantic was one of the deadliest train derailment disasters in North America. Dr. Dorion explains the process in dealing with such a disaster as a forensic dentist.

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Dr. Robert B. J. Dorion, D.D.S.

The Beginnings of an Illustrious Career

The one trait all forensic dentists absolutely need to survive in forensic dentistry, the story of Dr. Dorion’s beginnings in the field with the mentor who called herself "Bob’s forensic mama." Plus, the incredible case that changed the face of forensic dentistry in Canada.

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Dr. Dorion on his recent trip to China in the fall of 2013

The Forensic Dentistry Course at McGill

An overview of the forensic dentistry Continuing Education course offered in the Faculty; why it will make any dentist a better one, whether s/he goes on to work in forensics or not.

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Bite marks can be analysed on skin and inanimate surfaces, any material which makes contact with teeth.

Bonus Feature

Dr. Dorion speaks about the very first case he worked on which, incidentally, a CTV reporter helped solve at the time. Plus, why are bite marks so important in forensic dentistry?

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Dr. Dorion was recently featured on ICI Radio Canada’s show "Découverte" for a report on Lag-Mégantic (as of the five-minute mark). Watch here.

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