Talking Research and Learning with Dr. Laura Stone and Dr. Richard Hovey / October 24th, 2013

McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry is a dynamic and diverse environment where dental students, graduate students, professors, dentists, specialists, researchers and staff all interact. It is, in countless ways, a wonderful example of a space where collaborations occur among colleagues and across disciplines. Dr. Laura Stone and Dr. Richard Hovey are bringing this interdisciplinary spirit to research as they team up to offer a new model of research seminars to graduate students in the Faculty this year. I met with them earlier this fall to discuss the meaning of learning, of collaboration as well as the evolution of their own thinking regarding interdisciplinary work as researchers.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Dr. Laura Stone, Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry and the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain

Research and Collaboration

The purpose of the Faculty's research seminars, and a few insights from Dr. Stone as she reflects on her career and the importance of collaborative work for her own research today.

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Dr. Richard Hovey, Associate Professor in the Division of Oral Health and Society

Inquiry-Based Learning

What does it mean to disrupt one’s way of thinking and how can inquiry based learning impact research and, ultimately, patients' quality of life?

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Graduate students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Research Day 2013

Shifting Perspectives

The transition from student to scholar, and learning that cannot always be measured.

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