Dentistry’s New Facility with Dr. Jeffrey Myers / April 24th, 2014

Next month, McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry will have officially begun to move into its new home located at 2001 McGill College in the heart of downtown Montreal. This represents a long-time dream for the faculty, one that is close to a decade in the making. As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait” and what is for sure is that good things also come to those who are perseverant and dedicated. The faculty of dentistry has an incredible story. From nearly closing in the early nineties to creating an award winning outreach program that provides affordable dental care to thousands Montrealers in need every year all the while being one of the leading Canadian dental faculties on the research front, it is clear that perseverance and dedication are at the heart of this McGill dentistry community.

This month, I am joined by Dr. Jeffrey Myers, Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs), who certainly knows all about the time it takes for good things to come to fruition. An Alumnus himself, Dr. Myers has been with the Faculty for two decades, in his current role for 6 years and has been a key player in bringing this project to life.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Dental chair model for the new facility

What's new about the new facility

Dr. Myers speaks about the new equipment and technologies in the faculty’s new facility as well as their impact on patient care and students.

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Associate Dean Dr. Myers explaining features on the construction site of the new facility

Benefits of the new space

Dr. Myers speaks about the location, special layout and ergonomics of the new facility.

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Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs) Dr. Jeffrey Myers

An accomplished career

Dr. Myers speaks about coming full circle and his journey as student, instructor, clinical director and now, Associate Dean, during a historical time in the faculty.

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