Dentistry’s Mobile Clinic with Dr. Bruce Dobby and Dr. Kwong Li / March 27th, 2014

The Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University realizes its innovative approach to teaching and serving the community through a wide range of initiatives, one of which is its award-winning outreach program which features four satellite clinics and an array of collaborations with the community including partnerships with more than 24 groups and agencies throughout the Montreal area. One of its most known initiatives is the mobile clinic led by Dr. Bruce Dobby and Dr. Kwong Li. The mobile clinic uses mobile dental equipment to go directly into community centers and provide free high quality dental care to families in poverty, the elderly, recent immigrants, refugees and people with disabilities. Over the last four years, the mobile clinic has provided treatments to members of the Montreal community with a value of more than 370 000$.'

This month, join me for an insightful discussion with the leaders of this impressive program, Dr. Li and Dr. Dobby, as we speak about community, giving back and dentistry beyond the four walls of a conventional private practice.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Dr. Kwong Li instructing students at a mobile clinic

A typical day in McGill's dental mobile clinic and more

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Dr. Dobby unloading equipment from the mobile clinic van

Who falls through the cracks of the Quebec dental system and why Dr. Li and Dr. Dobby give back

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Mobile Dentistry Dream Team (left to right: Dr. Dobby, Dr. Ronald Fagen, Wendy Somerville, Réjean Lanoue and Dr. Li)

The transformative effect of the mobile clinic on students and looking ahead

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A typical mobile clinic for the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill

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