A look at the Faculty of Dentistry’s New Facility with Carlo Cimo / February 13th, 2014

McGill's Faculty of Dentistry is on the verge of fulfilling a very long anticipated project which will mark an important new chapter on many levels. By the start of the 2014-15 academic year, most of its operations and units will be gathered under one roof in the heart of downtown Montreal right across campus and McGill's Roddick Gates at 2001 McGill College. At this new site, the Faculty of Dentistry will make three of the building's floors its new home. The new facility will house the Faculty’s undergraduate dental clinic where students in the dentistry program, supervised by instructors, treat patients and provide lower cost care to many individuals who otherwise might not be able to afford oral health services. It will also house the preclinical simulation laboratory, classrooms and research and administrative space. The new facility will also become a hub for the Faculty's community and outreach initiatives located at other points around the Montreal area.

In this feature, I am joined by Carlo Cimo, Senior Project Manager from the Facilities Operations and Development unit at McGill University, for the latest on this important project, which is only a few months away from completion.

Interviewer: Valerie Khayat

Carlo Cimo, Senior Project Manager from the Facilities Operations and Development Unit at McGill. A major player in Dentistry's new facilty project.

An Extraordinary Project

Carlo provides insight on Dentistry’s New Facility, the benefits of its prime location and why it stands out from the other 200 projects he’s managed at McGill in nearly two decades.

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Renovations and construction in progress at the site of Dentistry’s New Facility (Photo Ioana Dumitru) Click for larger view

The Dentistry Buzz

Carlo speaks about why this new facility is so important to the entire McGill community, the team behind this project and why it has received so much support.

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Dentistry’s soon-to-be new home, located at 2001 McGill College (Photo Ioana Dumitru)

Reaching New Heights

Carlo takes a look back at all that was involved in making this project happen during the last two years and gives us the very latest updates as it nears completion.

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