Our Academic Structure

Elham Emami 

In her role as Dean, Dr. Emami strives to provide visionary leadership, promote the highest quality, status and student-centeredness of undergraduate and graduate programs, support patient-centered care and community services while fostering excellence in Faculty research activities via a healthy and satisfactory working environment in accordance with the policies and procedures of McGill University. 

Dr. Emami’s door is open and she is available to discuss the Faculty including the following: Management, Strategic planning, budgeting and Faculty development, Undergraduate and postgraduate education, programs and research, Community services, External and Public relations, Continuing education and learning opportunities, Fundraising and alumni relations, Faculty work environment. 


Undergraduate Dental Education 
Associate Dean - Dr. Samer Abi Nader 

In his role of Associate Dean of Undergraduate Dental Education (UGDE), Dr. Abi Nader is responsible for ensuring that the Faculty is providing the best possible education for our students through a continuous assessment, evaluation and modernisation of our Dental Curriculum to offer academic content that remains current and competitive. Dr. Abi Nader also works closely with the Assistant Dean UGDE to make sure that our academic program meets all accreditation standards and requirements as well as properly prepare the students for licensure examination. Dr. Sam takes a leading role in academic policy, curriculum development (particularly restorative and implantology) and evaluations. 

You can contact Dr. Abi Nader if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities.  
samer.abinader [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-7203 ext:00072. 


Undergraduate Dental Education 
Assistant Dean - Dr. Peter Chauvin  

In his role as Assistant Dean, Dr. Chauvin assists in matters related to the undergraduate dental curriculum and evaluation, the administration of academic policy and curriculum development for the undergraduate dental programs (DENT-P, DMD). He works to ensure that courses are complete, current, and meet all accreditation standards and that all Faculty and University regulations are followed. He is also the chair of Admissions and responsible for ensuring that the undergraduate program prepares students to become competent dentists who are qualified to take examinations for licensure. 

You can contact Dr. Chauvin if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities. 
peter.chauvin [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-7203 ext. 09321 

Clinical Affairs
Associate Dean – Dr. Nathalie Morin

In her role as Associate Dean of Clinial Affairs, Dr. Morin is working towards creating a strategic plan to implement new approaches to optimize patient-centered care and clinical education, as well as improving the cost-effectiveness of clinical activities across the Faculty. Dr. Nathalie Morin completed her DMD in 1990 and her Master’s Degree in Dental Public Health from the NIDCR in 2004. Throughout her career, she has continued practicing general dentistry, and plays an active role in provincial and national dental organizations

You can contact Dr. Morin if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities.
nathalie.morin [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-7203 ext: 00084


Research and Graduate Dental Education (RGDE)
Associate Dean (interim) - Dr. Svetlana Komarova

In this interim role, Dr. Komarova will support the Faculty’s research mission by invigorating and maintaining the Faculty’s excellence in research and graduate training. Dr. Komarova obtained her PhD in biophysics in 1996 and completed postdoctoral training at NASA Aimes Research Center, University of Cincinnati and University of Western Ontario. Since 2004 she is a faculty member at the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, where she works on diverse research problems relevant to mineralized tissues.

You can contact Dr. Komarova if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities.
svetlana.komarova [at] mcgill.ca
(514) 282-7153

Research and Graduate Dental Education (RGDE)
Associate Dean (on leave) - Dr. Faleh Tamimi

In his role of Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (RGDE), Dr. Faleh Tamimi is responsible for supporting the research mission of our Faculty and ensuring that it is providing the best possible education for our graduate students. He is also responsible for our research funding, research space management, graduate student funding, graduate student programs, and mentoring our new faculty. Dr. Tamimi works closely with the Assistant Dean Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Belinda Nicolau.

You can contact Dr. Tamimi if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities.
Faleh.tamimimarino [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-7203 ext: 09654

Research and Graduate Dental Education (RGDE) 
Assistant Dean - Dr. Belinda Nicolau  

In her role as Assistant Dean of Research and Graduate Dental Education (RGDE), Dr. Nicolau supports the research mission of the Faculty, takes a leading role in epidemiology, public health and health services research, adresses the Faculty’s current challenges in research and graduate studies, including research funding; research space management; graduate student recruitment and admissions strategies. 

You can contact Dr. Nicolau if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities.  
Belinda.f.nicolau [at] mcgill.ca
514-398-7203 ext 094655 


Postgraduate Dental Education (PGDE) 
Associate Dean - Dr. Nicholas Maroun Makhoul 

In his role as Associate Dean, Dr. Makhoul is responsible for overseeing all academic post-graduate dental programs (i.e. dental residency programs).  He helps coordinate programs between different residency sites and disciplines. He is also available to work with residency program directors to ensure that residents are receiving a high quality education in an environment conducive to learning.   

You can contact Dr. Makhoul if you have any questions regarding any of the above responsibilities. 
Nicholas.makhoul [at] mcgill.ca
514-934-1934 ext 42492 

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