Request for Topic or Speaker

Would you like to recommend a topic and/or speaker you are interested in hearing at McGill’s Continuing Dental Education Program? Please use this online request form to share your suggestions with us. We invite you to learn about about our recommended speakers list criteria.

Recommend Speakers List Criteria

  1. Expertise in one or more areas of interest that is/are pertinent to the general dentist.
  2. Excellent speaking skills and well-received by meeting audiences, i.e. demonstrated by favorable feedback from past evaluation reports, as well as reports from speaking at provincial, national or international meetings, if available.
  3. Invited to speak at recent provincial, national or international meetings.
  4. Publications in peer-reviewed dental periodicals, which does not need to be published on the proposed topic(s).
  5. Disclosure of all proprietary, financial or other personal interests.

Please recommend one or multiple topics you are specifically interested in and give us the name(s) and contact information (if available) of the speaker(s) you want McGill CDE program to consider inviting.