Congratulations to our FRSQ studentship and fellowship winners!

Published: 30 April 2013

Betty Hoac, PhD student (supervisor Dr. Marc McKee, co-supervisor Dr. Monzur Murshed) wins 2-year FRQS studentship for her research on regulation of mineralization in bones and teeth.

David Wright, Postdoctoral Fellow (co-supervised by Dr. Mary Ellen Macdonald and Dr. Jennifer Fishman) wins 2-year FRQS fellowship for his research on ethical issues in end-of-life care to better understand nursing practice with patients who desire death.

Hazem Eimar, PhD student (supervisor Dr. Faleh Tamimi) wins 2-year FRQS studentship for his research on the cholinergic regulation of bone formation and remodeling.

Zaher Jabbour, PhD student (supervisor Dr. Rubens Albuquerque, co-supervisor Dr. Janet Henderson) on winning a 2-year FRQS studentship for his research on a pre-clinical model of osteonecrosis of the jaw after bisphosphonate treatment.

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